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Use Based System is too easy to min/max

Discussion in 'Release 21 Feedback' started by Poor game design, Sep 3, 2015.

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    I hope so! At the moment that doesn't apply... i've raised Weapon Preservation using Dodge, and i know people are raising the Juicy Earth Innates just by hanging around doing stuff unrelated with the earth skill tree.

    That's the stats people may have when they level up their desired combat skills, because as Spoon said, you should lock the ones less desired to progress more in the rest. But Skills only decay if you don't use them, and i'm worried that all characters are going to use all their stats everytime. Strength may be involved in defense skills, so everytime you're hit you're exercising strength. Dexterity is involved in chance on hit, so everytime you attack you're exercising Dexterity. Intelligence is involved in focus management so everytime you use focus Intelligence may be exercised. If that happens that way, then all attributes will be maxxed in the end.

    Maybe the Devs already prevented this from happening... but if they haven't, I think that instead of looking for a tricky way to prevent that from happening, the best is to put them in a separate layer, where they belong. There's no need to generate a different system; they raise up if you exercise them, and they decay over time, but they have their own progression and their own decay, which is hard as your total attribute punctuation reaches some high value.
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