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Vending quality of life improvement request.

Discussion in 'Release 61 Feedback' started by Kaffien, Jan 17, 2019.

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    When dragging and dropping a quantity of items to the vendors 'sell' or 'manage your inventory'
    we can just press enter to accept that amount. This is great.

    I'd like it a lot if we could do the same for confirming a sale.
    A flow like the following would be amazing.

    1. drag item to the sale part of vendor or to manage inventory to sell. (Why not just drag it to the vendor window? Why do we have to click on manage inventory to put things up for sale if we have access to the vendor?)
    2. choose quantity.
    3. press enter
    4. default jump to the price amount (we shouldn't have to click the field to adjust the price it should be a given)
    5. press enter to accept and sign for sale.

    When restocking a vendor this would be a god send.
    Please consider these changes.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.