Vendor provides - statistic data & haggle price

Discussion in 'Wishlist Requests' started by hiepm, Feb 11, 2018.

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    Would be nice to know when clicking on your vendor:

    1) How many people looked at your vendor per day/week. This allows us to know the business foot traffic flow

    2) Provide player name that come by the vendor more than once when they're not buying anything. This allows us to track repeated customers to ensure we are selling the right prices and products. (If personal privacy involves, then disregard)

    3) Provide option for seller and buyer haggle over a price. Example is when the buyer thinks the item is a bit high and would like to ask for a lower price by selecting the haggle option. Buyer would enter the price, and the seller has 24 hours to accept/counter/decline. If accept, the buyer has 24 hours to purchase the item at the accepted price by coming back to the vendor. Only the buyer can see the lowered price, while everyone else still sees the original price from the vendor

    4) Pay a fee (determine by devs) to show a snapshot of a region or the whole world statistic data on the average priced item from the other vendors that currently selling. This is a good tool to allows players not to over-price or under-price their products.
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    Agreed. They should do something of value for their commission. Seriously, they don't do much more than a painted plyboard could.