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Very very difficult to get through Vauban Pass

Discussion in 'Release 29 Bug Forum' started by CatherineRose, May 1, 2016.

  1. CatherineRose

    CatherineRose Avatar

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    Dragomir Mori just North of Aerie
    I know it is fun to have such a difficult pass but my problem is that we all start with unleveled avatars. It is impossible for anyone looking for my town , Dragomir, to claim a lot (once the markers are down) because when you die you have to go back to the entrance and start again. Im sure if I wanted to live in Port Graff it would be the same way. I really love the area the way you have made it but I would like a way to resurrect so that the towns could be accessed. I even wore full armor but that did not seem to help.
    Thank you.
  2. Anvar

    Anvar Avatar

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    Just run through as a ghost and res at the other end. Also on launch unless your in the top few groups you should be able to level up enough to run through spamming heals. Just get where it is the otherside beforehand sometime in the days/weeks you have and bind there , I think that will be the least of your problems in securing the lot you desire ;p
  3. Weins201

    Weins201 Avatar

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    there is a way around also
  4. Dark Blue Monkey 2

    Dark Blue Monkey 2 Avatar

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    What's the way around? I can't seem to find it...
  5. Moussaka

    Moussaka Avatar

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    Get the path on the right, then at the end it turns left, you walk by the 2nd gate then all along the route and you are at the other side