Wanted: RolePlayers! Have you seen them?

Discussion in 'Roleplayer's Corner' started by Fei Akhart, Sep 28, 2019.

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    There is a good core of RPers here in SOTA as evidenced by this thread. I think the biggest issue that is RP means so many things to each of us and for some reason we can't seem to meet on the same page. Maybe we are so stuck in our ways?

    I know I can be.

    I prefer very intense RP because I used to play on Role-Play-Intensive MUDS before I even tried MMORPGs. There were rules about breaking character and the game was designed so you couldn't contact other players unless you were in the same room as them. It made for some boring times, but everyone knew if you wanted to meet someone you go to the inn and see if they arrive too. I play a very immersive way. I make decisions based on my character not the stats of skills. So, I have chosen specific schools of magic and skills not because I think they are good, but because that is what my character would do. I know a lot of people wouldn't play like that. Restrictions are fun for me.

    There are others who, Like @Helvig Ingvildsdottir who is akin to the above, but able to use OOC channels to expedite RP. This is easy for someone like me to go to as it allows for easy connection and RP. Plus, it is a lot easier to begin/end RP by OOC saying, I have to go, than trying to explain that to someone in an RPI game and them a) not be insulted and b) not follow you. Players like this love immersion, but also are able to break immersion to get things done when needed. Characters a built to be the best they can be, to be competitive and skilled. There is some meta-gaming involved (I need a strong defence so I will take some Earth Magic, even though my character prefers Water and probably wouldn't want to learn Earth spells), but it is for the benefit of survival for the character.

    Others take a more laid back approach to RP where there is an understanding that they are playing a character, but it is not so intense as the above styles. The game is still a game and played as such. The story is written and explored outside the game itself. @Boris Mondragon plays like this. I understand and respect this playstyle. Years ago in the early days of the internet I played email based RP games with my friends where we wrote what our character does, then another would respond with what their character did in the same time or shortly afterwards. The stories were great and enjoyable and there was a lot of fun to be had.

    I think, and this is personal opinion, for some of us, these play styles cannot play together. It is hard for me to understand the benefit of playing through the message boards when there are ways to communicate and act IC in the game. Just like how others find it tedious to tell a story IG, when they can just write what their character is doing in a message board post.

    The bottom line is that we all play differently and we all have fun in different ways. Some of us can sacrifice some of our styles to play with others, but I don't know if we fully understand what each other wants so we play with only those who play the way we do.
    It splits us further.

    I know a lot of you are Role-Players, I've seen some of what you have done and am impressed. But I never met you IG. Maybe that is because of something simple like timezones and such, but I wonder if our play-styles just don't match. I don't know. (I think time zones, really.)

    Do I have a solution? Sadly no. I wish I did. Then I could bring us all together and we could tell stories for months and months and have so much fun.

    I have grown weary of the game and don't play regularly. I want to, but the very idea of opening the game makes me tired. I know others feel the same.

    Maybe we can discuss the various types of Role-Play that do exist and try to get people to play with ours? So people know what is there? Maybe we can even test ourselves and try other types? We may find comfort if the play style is described and outlined? I don't know, but maybe it is a start in the right direction.
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    I roleplay Arkah \o/

    I do research out of haphazard lab in a ruin, am friends with the Black Sails pirates and help them when i can (the stuff i put on the forum, i do in-game) and i've done a lot of little player-quest scenarios in ordinis mortis that were largely unnoticed as i didnt announce them as events, i did post some happenings surrounding a missing guard a while back as an experiment to make some videos on the forum. Im a bard, claim to not know any magic even tho i cna be seen using it occasionally in experiments, and know how to use every weapon pretty well to compensate. Kinda excitable, aloof, possibly a little morally ambiguous when it coems to researchign things but otherwise a virtuous person.

    I hang out in caelestis Canton where they soemtimes do guild hunts advancing a RP storyline they came up with. There's also a small community of goblins that live around there. Nubby Eerwiggles is there leader i think, i could be wrong, but he 100% stays in character all the time and does a terriffic job.
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    Wizards Rest Mini Mall above Owls Head
    great thread here, I just returned to the game, and decided to try the RP aspects of the game..having been an old D&D player from the first 3 books and chainmail on, I have a ton of experience, but have fallen out of it with the advent of computer games...:( This is something I want to CHANGE! So if indeed there is a guild out there that is mostly an RP guild and is willing to help me get back into the swing of things, please let me know either o the forums OR ingame as I have the same name in both
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