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What has happened to Obsidian Chip Drop rates? .. and other musings

Discussion in 'Release 61 Feedback' started by Steevodeevo, Jan 25, 2019.

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    Hi folkses

    It used to be fairly advantageous to farm obsidian chips from Lich's in places like deep ravenswood, but in recent weeks it seems that Lich's either don't drop chips at all or the drop rate has been so reduced it makes it insignificant for farming. I think I have picked up maybe 4 or 5 chips in total from the Hill in DR but all from Skeletal mages. At a guess that's after several hundred Lich, mage and skeleton kills. I don't recall seeing one chip from a Lich in this time. I tested this by undertaking a few overworld skeleton encounters which occasionally have one or two Lich's that con yellow or Orange to me, still no chips.

    Is this intentional @Chris or a bug? ....

    Is this intentional and designed to reduce availability (and increase price) of imbued potions and/or to push/encourage people who wouldn't normally PVP to go farm chips from Obsidian Golums? I would guess this could be the case as there are one or two other rare materials only available in shardfalls for keen crafters some of which would not tend to enter a PVP zone otherwise. It could also create a useful source of income for PVP's hanging out in these zones.

    All considered, and before I let my imagine run away with me, it would be good to hear from the Devs if this was intentional but loot tables tweaked very quietly (which I am not keen on), or else an error on drop rate, which has happened before.

    As a side point... gankers track people on their friends list with their Mains and non PVP Alts or via others on their 'spy' networks on their friends lists. Whenever someone enters a shardfall, even when the world is pretty empty, very quickly someone follows you in sneaks up behind and stuns or poisons you and deals with you pretty quickly with a pre-prepared series of mega hits, usually before you can recover and get organised for a combat response. This clearly makes the ganker happy and I guess it takes all sorts..

    ..But my point is that what I see happening going forward, now that we have 'teleport to zone' scrolls, crafters in particular will delete the current bloated friends teleport lists and keep just a few teleport to friends scrolls for 'true' friends, hence you will end up with a real friends list.

    I'd love to think Port planned all of this :)
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