Where is 'The Game Room'? ..and some infos on SWG Legends.

Discussion in 'Fire Lotus Tavern' started by Steevodeevo, Mar 13, 2020.

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    Hope I am ok this posting here. I spent a while looking for 'the game room' as advertised, but it seems to have disappeared. I also tried searching on a few other games I vaguely recall folks posting on and talking about but with no success.

    I thought I would spend a couple of minutes sharing my recent re-discovery of a free to play and fan run iteration of Star Wars Galaxy. This time it is SWG Legends. I am having a real blast playing it again and was pleasantly surprised to see close to a 1,000 folks on line pretty much each time I check in. Apparently it has been going for 4 years and is still going strong.

    Many here will know the history, controversy and sad demise of the original Sony product (which many claim was butchered by Sony after controversial updates), however the old SWG magic seems to exist in this homage release and the Fan Devs are clearly super talented as the updates and modifications are very impressive.

    For example, on the launcher there is a link under Settings to ILM2 which is a full suite of graphics and interface updates and beneath that a link to 'Reshade2', which adds a full set of modern shaders. The game looks pretty sweet after adding these two sets of features, though the vanilla look isn't at all bad if you aren't graphics obsessed.

    All you need to play is get your hands on an old copy of SWG: An empire divided, either as disks or even if you once played via Steam. Instructions are on the 'getting started' page.

    In retrospect SWG, and in this case SWG Legends seems to have much in common with SOTA, at least spiritually and philosophically, and in terms of how the game encourages you to play your own way and create your own 'legend', hence I think a worthy mention here and something to perhaps take a look at on SOTA update days or for a change every now and then.