Win a prize at the Virtue League PVP Weekly Tournament week 6 Saturday Jan 12 at 4 PM NBT

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    Please join us in Virtue Oasis on Saturdays at 4 PM NBT. Every Virtue is Lasting (EVL) guild continues to sponsor the longest lasting weekly in-game event in Shroud of the Avatar!

    We had a big launch tournament on Saturday January 5th made even bigger when Atos just happened to stop by and donate 5 very nice in game items as incentive gifts for tournament participants.

    Atos has now made it even more interesting by donating 4 more gifts! Virtue League will be holding a random drawing for two of these gifts on January 12th and for two more of the gifts on Jan 19th! You will be eligible to enter the random drawings if you are signed up for the pvp tournament! If you are new, do not despair! We have a fourth tier for new or inexperienced fighters. If you just want to get into the drawing you can sign up for that tier. But, if you sign up, we ask that you actually participate in the fights. There is no looting allowed so you cant lose anything. We are using the built in dueling system.

    Seasoned pvp fighters are also asked to join us now! The season will last 13 weeks, and only your top 8 weekly scores are tallied up for the final standings. So, this means that you can still join us and have as much chance as anyone else to win the big end of season prizes!

    Please come on over to Virtue Oasis in the Hidden Vale southwestern beach area. Find the fast travel sign on the dock and go to boundary 1. See the lighted road leading up to the big arena structure on the hill.

    We will meet at 4 PM NBT on Saturdays and take registration. The goal is to get all of the names tabulated and start fighting around 4:30 NBT.

    Please contact Jade, Kelly O'Shay or Black FjP to sign up in advance.

    It is recommended to ask the Oracle for protection before attending this event. Flag yourself PVP at your own risk. This tourney is done in a non-pvp town, so we just use the duel feature of sota to allow the pvp fighting.
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