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Wrong weapon enchanted/gem-socketed

Discussion in 'Release 29 Bug Forum' started by Hermetic, May 20, 2016.

  1. Hermetic

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    I dragged a longsword from the character dialog window, where it was equipped, to socket a tempestry gem to it. After several attempts I was finally successful only to discover that it socketed the gem to a shortsword I had in my backpack instead.

    I next dragged my longsword to the crafting table to enchant it(I didn't have another gem to try another socketing). I was careful to make sure that it was the longsword and not the shortsword on the table when I clicked the enchant recipe, which I did instead of dragging all the materials separately. The enchantment was successful but again the shortsword that was in my backpack was now on the table with the enchantment instead of the longsword which was now in my backpack.

    I tried another enchantment on some epic gloves which I dragged to the table. When I clicked on the recipe I noticed it switched out the gloves and put that same shortsword there. With all the items in place on the table I dragged the shortsword back to my backpack and put the gloves back on the table. I was able to successfully enchant the gloves that way. ( Does one need to drag each item/material to the table instead of clicking the recipe on the left panel to avoid this? )

    To try and avoid any trouble I decided I would put that damn shortsword in the Ardoris bank so I could try and enchant the longsword like I wanted. When I got to the bank the shortsword was gone. It must've been destroyed when I enchanted those gloves, or lost some how when I dragged it from the table to the lower panel with the list of materials. ( Maybe one should drag items directly to ones backpack instead of that lower panel when exchanging items? ) None of my enchantments was unsuccessful so I should not have lost anything.

    When I left Ardoris the shortsword was still missing so it doesn't seem related to the disappearing-dual-weapon issue one has when bashing gates at control zones.
  2. agra

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    Clearly, that shortsword is your new nemesis, and will show up in the middle of a stormy night to menace you while you sleep. :eek::D
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  3. Noric

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    Yeah, the recipe picks it's own gear. It often had picked the most upgraded item in inventory for me.
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