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WTS Garden Supplies

Discussion in 'Sell Items (WTS Gear, Decorations, Crafted Items)' started by Boo Ladedada, Sep 11, 2018.

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  1. Brian4

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    North Carolina
    WTS Rusted Iron Greenhouses 12k ech 5 available
    Large Planting Beds 700g ech
    Med Planting Beds 350g ech
    Small Bed 150g ech
    Planting Barrels 40g ech
    Nightshade seeds 15g ech 1568 Available
    Mandrake Seeds 15g ech 1338 Available
    Garlic 7g ech 1544 Available

    Have 100's of beds n planters available just message me how many you want and ill let you know if i have that many

    Boo Ladedada
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