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Yellow Signs

Discussion in 'Release 71 Feedback' started by Bedawyn, Nov 5, 2019.

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    Personal opinion, of course, but these new signs look absolutely ghastly to me, not at all the impression we want to give new players about the game's visuals. Frankly, I've seen better work by newbies doing their first Sims recolor efforts -- heck, I did better work on my first Sims object recolorings, and I'm not remotely a graphic person.

    And how were any of these signs critical? If they absolutely had to have bright paint splashed on them -- and I'm not at all convinced that they did -- what was so urgent that it couldn't have waited for something better than "programmer art"? How is bright yellow that highlights the lack of actual text on the sign supposed to encourage new players to read them? For that matter, how are new players even supposed to find out that they can read an apparently blank sign by hovering over it? How is inconsistency -- colored street signs in one town but not in others -- supposed to help new players with anything?
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