You are invited to a very special Celebration Party

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    Resting in Devil's Lair in Mistrendur
    You are invited to a very special Celebration Party

    Celebrate and witness with us the renewed hope of life.
    Remember together there was a yesterday.
    There is today and now there is joy in the hope for many tomorrows.

    Let us join together to celebrate that Minerva has completed chemo treatments for the horrible disease of cancer.

    This celebration will be held in Ordinis Mortis in the Cherry Tree Orchard.
    Saturday, June 27 from 11 am to 1 pm.
    Dark Starr will be DJ.

    Dark Starr will be bringing great music which will be broadcast on Mythical Music Radio.

    I have a request of each of you.

    Write a note to Minerva about what she means to you and how grateful you are that she has survived.
    Many of you have survived cancer as well and know that her struggle is not over.
    There will be many days that will take great effort to even take one step forward.

    Please join us this coming Saturday, June 27 at 11 AM (Portalarium time).
    As the party begins,
    let us walk up the Path of Hope and join Minerva as we walk together in this hope.

    Bring a candle. Bring your notes and a rose. Go to the head of the Path of Hope. We will walk together and place them in the container provided.

    When Minerva is in pain or sadness and she reads your notes she will remember that:

    Sorrow will be for the night but Joy Comes in the Morning.

    Let us celebrate with loud and thunderous music as
    Dark Starr sounds the trumpets of joy.

    Of course the following will probably happen as the celebration goes forward.

    Join us as we do not even try to contain our joy!!!

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    I'll get this in the update:) Thank you so much Catherine for running the event :)
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    New Britannian Market
    I'll be in the wilderness this week-end but my thoughts are with you @Minerva, you rock and you'll continue to rock this like everything else.
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