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Zeme's Engraved Tools Guide!

Discussion in 'Player Created Resources' started by zeme, Oct 14, 2016.

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    There are 16 tools, 2 of them (The Hoe and the Fishing Rod) are affected differently, the rest are the same

    Gold: 30% Faster, 3 Proficiency, 40 Durability lost
    Silver: 15% Faster, 2% Exceptional Chance, 40 Durability lost
    Heavy Iron: 3% Success or Meticulous Chance, 40% Slower, 10 Durability lost
    True Bronze: 30% Faster, 5 Proficiency, 30 durability lost

    SotAFountain Engraved Tools Spreadsheet!

    Also I'm working on opening a website, SotAFountain, and have made a video to go along with this guide :)

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    Really helpful guide. I appreciate you posting this.

    Just wanted to point out one small typo. It looks like you cut and pasted the pick data from the foraging data but forgot to change the true bronze line.