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Avatar’s Update #415: Homes & Lord of the Isle Bundle Sales Continue! Latest News Friday Livestream!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Elgarion, Jan 8, 2021.

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    Greetings Fellow Avatars!

    Lord of the Isle Bundles and Player Homes remain on sale for a limited time! For those wishing to participate in any community activities, upcoming one-time and recurring community events have been announced! Be sure to also review the Players Guide and Known Issues list for additional information on recent changes and upcoming fixes. Now, let’s see what we have for you in this week’s edition of Update of the Avatar:

    News Announcements:
    Community Updates:
    Full Update: https://www.shroudoftheavatar.com/?p=127307
    Twitch Channel: https://twitch.tv/shroudoftheavatar
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