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Bags, bags, bags, and all containers - Your help is needed

Discussion in 'Crafting, Harvesting, Salvage, & Agriculture' started by Lexie, May 21, 2018.

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    Please read all of this below prior to posting any bag or inventory related issues. It will help you understand what information we need from you when you find a bug :)

    Release 54 includes some major changes to how inventory and containers function in general. You can now have containers within containers! We believe these changes are excellent - many of these changes initially started out as community based suggestions.

    With that said, we need help testing it all. There is a ton of content to cover here and we want to make sure all possibilities are thoroughly reviewed prior to this release going live.

    Things to remember: some bugs may not be apparent until you log out and log back in.

    To check for inconsistencies, we ask that everyone please observe their inventory state *before* logging out. To know if something is off you'll have to check it again upon logging in.

    Please test moving items between the following locations:
    • Your Inventory
    • Bank
    • Housing lots
    • Chests on housing lots
    • Trade - including trial accounts that have trade restrictions
    • Mail
    • Crafting Station
    • Equipment slots (equip backpack with nested bags)
    • Loot chests, slain enemies, resource nodes, water wells
    • Mystery Boxes (replenishing snowball boxes, etc)
    • Giving items to NPCs for quests
    • All bagged items: supply bundles, unopened emote reward packs, unopened obsidian potion packs, etc.
    This is not a full list, it is merely a list to get the ball rolling.

    Other things to keep in mind:

    1) Transfers of items should be tested both ways. Player A to B, and Player B to A. Both of these type of transfers may appear to be the same at the surface but technically are two different operations.

    2) Testing is needed with both non-container items, containers that contain other containers (1 and more) and containers that don't have any nested containers in it. Remember that your inventory, a bag within your inventory, and a bag within a bag within your inventory are all technically different locations. And when testing containers, don't forget the house deco items that can also serve as containers (furniture such as hutch, or a desk).

    3) Stacking: Attempt stacking, de-stacking (splitting) of items among all these various locations. The combinations are almost endless.

    More related inventory-related things that need to be tested include:
    • Vendors (listing/unlisting items, buying, selling, expired listings sent to bank after timeout or vendor picked up, fulfilled orders sent to bank)
    • Merchants (moving items to/from the shopping cart, buying, selling)
    • Unclaiming a Housing Lot - contents sent to bank (with chests that have nested bags)
    • "Magic Movers" - Send housing lot contents to storage, restore to lot, send to bank from storage (with chests that have nested bags)
    • Linked Equipment on Combat Decks (link backpack with nested bags)
    • Encumbrance
    • Container Item Limits
    • World Items (lootable items placed in the world, place in nested bag)
    • Batch Agriculture - sow seeds , water plants, harvest plants (place seeds and water in nested bag)
    • Supply Bundles (open from nested bag)


    • Containers may contain any number of nested containers. Containers can be placed anywhere that a non-container item can be placed, regardless of the container's contents.
    • Exception rules should still apply: there will still be item limits for containers and various other trade restrictions, for example.
    Please use /devbug on QA and report your findings in the dedicated thread:


    And thank you for your help :D
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