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Blade of the Avatar text error

Discussion in 'Offline Mode' started by Browncoat Jayson, Jan 7, 2020.

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    This was noted as an issue on SotAwiki, but in tracking it down I discovered it actually appears to be a mistake in the Blade of the Avatar (and later, the Sword of Midras) novels.


    You'll note that this refers to "Spindrift Island" but they are travelling by boat from Etceter to the south coast of Paladis, having already passed the Siren Isle. Spindrift Island is in the Spindrift Bay, east of Brittany, and is the location of Elad's Lighthouse. I believe this should be a reference to Penmawr Island, which would be the last island heading north in the Bay of Storms that is not settled .

    This is on page 113 in Chapter XII of Blade of the Avatar, and on page 186 in Chapter 15 of Sword of Midras.
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