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Body Slam Speedster bug

Discussion in 'Combat, Skills, & Magic' started by Anvar, May 27, 2018.

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  1. Anvar

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    2. 0.05% yeah its tricky, but I think I know the circumstances and cause ?

    3. No but its both entertaining ,annoying and possibly will end up getting ppl reported inaadvertently.

    4. Ive only had this happen so far in Tenebris harbour but I believe thats due to the low hp suicidal urchins.
    On 3 seperate occasions when Ive been hunting with other people in a party in Tenebris at the wave
    after bodyslamming Ive suddenly sped off into the distance like I was a speedster, last 2 times I zoomed so fast I sped straight out into novia. Once it starts you cant stop, unless you hit an obstacle, but then you just run on the spot until you get free then off you go again.

    5. a) In tenebris have a mage doing ring of fire on mobs with an urchin heading into the fire, because they just love to.
    b) Have the warrior positioned about to bodyslam the mob but the urchin becomes the target due to passing between them into the fire.
    c)split second timing involved , as you hit slam the urchin must die between the time you hit slam and reach him
    d) the urchin dies (presumably hes sent back to object pool or location reset to 0,0,0 ?) and body slam loses its destination mid flight so keeps on going

    Note this is all just what I think the cause is because its way too hectic when its happened and theres usually 10 things on fire and stuff going in all directions then I just go zzzzzzooom

    Also I assume this should be repeatable elsewhere, just in the tenebris wave the right circumstances occur more often possibly ?
  2. Alley Oop

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    possibly related: flying pigs. i believe they have a charge attack something like body slam as well.
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