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Chat mode with NPC is a failure

Discussion in 'Release 42 Feedback Forum' started by SabeSr, Jun 22, 2017.

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  1. SabeSr

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    I cannot EXPAND the chat window so I can read the entire chat conversation...

    You fail...

    Do you guys ever test this stuff before release?

    Oh wait you have a test server... but you IGNORE the people who tell you things like this and just rush the release to live server...

    STOP rushing things out the door...

    STOP not playing the game yourselves... if you played what you built, you'd see these things before releasing them and fix them but you're too busy working on next thing thinking your work is perfect and you don't need to check it... glad you're not working with expensive materials... imagine the machinist who milled blocks of titanium thinking... "I dont need to check my work I'm perfect"

    Think of that carpenter cutting "Teak" thinking I don't have to check it I'm perfect... yeah, you fail.
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