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Combat: First Impressions, First Reaction

Discussion in 'Release 30 Feedback Forum' started by Xander Xavier, May 27, 2016.

  1. Roycestein Kaelstrom

    Roycestein Kaelstrom Avatar

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    One thing to note is that even with the targeting, the actual target will still base on where your screen is facing (or wherever the reticle is pointing at). At least that's what I experienced in melee since R29.
  2. Anvar

    Anvar Avatar

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    Agreed, its far from intuitive but after you play with it for sometime and get to grips with it I think it could be a good system with some tweaks and TUTORIALS.

    It still works great with the deck system, personaly I play it in interactive (mouse cursor) mode even in combat, as I can still click when I want to then, also
    you can activate combos/stacks with the old R combo method and the newer (and much better Imo) method of simply holding down the 1st button and tapping the second button.
    Ive found this to be beetter simply because the R method was very clunky, also if Im just pressing a button to release a spell and a combo/duplicate comes up I can simly tap the other
    button to combine them without releasing the 1st key.

    In the interactive mode you can still pan the camera to some extent (not behind you or youll stop swinging) aslong as your using autoattack and shift clicking or hitting G to lock the target.
  3. Gatsu.

    Gatsu. Avatar

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    Cuneo, Italia
    maybe targets must be added automatically when an enemy attacks player...
  4. Kliirkast

    Kliirkast Localization Team

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    Brussels, Belgium
    ... Back in the old days, it seems :)