Dying for a drink

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    It felt great to be in Novia again, having spent a couple of tortured years back on Earth.
    In order to celebrate I made my way to the nearest inn and approached the counter.
    "I'll have a pint of your finest ale, please. It's great to be free of all that stress about the Cormphhh..".
    The barkeep had slapped a large, hairy hand over my mouth and whispered "Stop. You mustn't utter that word. It is banned throughout Novia. Saying it means instant death!"
    I wasn't sure why he whispered, since at this hour we were the only two souls in the building.
    "Oh, I'm sorry", I replied, "I didn't know. Tell me, what is your best ale?"
    The barkeep pointed to the top shelf, where a number of bottles could be seen. Clearly they were well known brands imported from Earth - rather exotic fare for Novia.
    I pointed to a bottle on the far end of the shelf, and said "I can't quite read the label. What brand is that?"
    "Oh, good choice. That's Corona..." Suddenly the smile disappeared from his face, as he realised what he had just said. A couple of seconds later there was a blinding flash. The barkeep had vanished, leaving no other trace than a smoldering pair of shoes.
    Calmly I walked behind the counter, picked up a large carton and loaded it with various bottles of alcohol.
    "I really am a bad person" I thought to myself.
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    (whispers) got this in the events page under fan fiction ;)
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