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Feedback: Graff Gem Mines - Why are there allied Satyrs in there?

Discussion in 'Release 67 Feedback' started by Anpu, Jul 1, 2019.

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    This is something that has bugged the crap out of me forever. Per the R43 release notes:

    Graff himself founded these rich mines long ago, and they have proven to be the most productive mines of the largest and most valuable gems ever known. Recently however, the difficulties with undead in the region have lead to their, hopefully temporary, abandonment. Rumors of Kobolds moving in to claim the mine's wealth have recently been heard.

    A flooded cavern can be found within the mines beyond, which is occupied by a handful of Kobolds and Water Elementals who are defending a large deposit of crystals.

    However, there seems to be this group of allied Satyrs in there as well? Story wise, this does not make any sense at all. Having finished the Path Of Truth (several times), I'm unaware of anything in there the Satyrs could possibly be interested in there. Or why they would suddenly be allied with the Kobolds?

    I'm wondering if this is just one of those areas that fell through the cracks, and they were just added. Perhaps by mistake, or possibly the wrong spawners (spawning the wrong creatures) also added. Or some other reason(?)

    There are Kobold's, and Undead and Water Elementals (and Earth Elementals way lower, that completely makes sense). But suddenly, there's this room of Kobolds and allied Satyrs in there?

    Completely know you guys are busy. I have been wondering and wondering this for so long. Perhaps if you get a chance, have a look and see if this is actually how the area should be? They are found in that second area where you find more gems and ore, and the connected hallways.

    Area: Graff Gem Mines (Graff Gem Mines) Loc: (-57.014, -19.907, 136.162) DBG: R3JhZmYgR2VtIE1pbmVzfHwoLTU3LjAxNCwgLTE5LjkwNywgMTM2LjE2Mil8KDAsIDAuNzIyLCAwLCAwLjY5Mil8ODUuOTU5Mjd8MjIuNDg4NTJ8OC42Mjc3MQ==

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    Thanks for the feedback! I'll review the area when I get a chance. Issue #65178

    I don't recall hearing anything about why the satyrs were added, but I suspect they were added when satyrs were new and someone wanted to both add satyrs in more places and diversify the NPCs in the scene. To me, the satyrs should stick to the Truth path/Bay of Storms area. I'll take a look and see what's what, but no promises about changing anything.
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