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Feeling less and less like multiplayer.

Discussion in 'Release 34 Feedback Forum' started by EMPstrike, Oct 2, 2016.

  1. Black Tortoise

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    Storm's Reach
    Ah, well that makes sense then. I am almost always gathering in friends only mode, so I guess I dont bother to take notice that you cant multiplayer in a mine. That makes sense!
  2. Sixclicks

    Sixclicks Avatar

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    Lancaster, PA
    The worst is when they see you killing an enemy next to a node and they come up and take the node from you since you're locked in combat. That's the one time where I wish I could just PK the sh*t out of them.
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  3. Syznow

    Syznow Avatar

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    I fear that a result of their attempts to balances resource has made many people move to multiplayer for gathering/hunting. I play in friends mode a lot simply because all the resources are there for me to gather, not removed or killed by another player/party before I got there. I miss multiplayer as I like to meet new friends but dont play it as often with resources harder to collect in multiplayer.

    Eventually once I get skills trained where I want them (though that is still a moving target) I hope to play multiplayer mode fulltime. However I do understand the lure of friends mode for resource collecting and skills training. Unless SotA devs can come up with a solution, I fear it may remain less of a multiplayer game than everyone had hoped for.
  4. Armitage_

    Armitage_ Avatar

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    I play almost exclusively in friends only mode, as do most people it seems. The main reason for this that it makes it better for gathering and hunting. I think this is a really cool feature, however I completely miss the multiplayer feel unless I swap back to multiplayer mode. Unfortunately its a pain to swap back and forth between modes.

    I would love to see some zones forced to be multiplayer. It would be great to be able to hunt/gather in friends mode, but then when I travel back to cities automatically zone into multiplayer instances so that you get a sense of multiplayer, even while playing in friends mods. I think travel over Novia/Hidden Vale should be the same. I think the key is to not have to logout and back in, just to see other people running around.
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  5. Lord_Darkmoon

    Lord_Darkmoon Avatar

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    I had hoped for SotA to be a single player game with optional multiplayer from what was said during the Kickstarter campaign...
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