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Gold Coto no longer restore max durability?

Discussion in 'Release 53 Feedback Forum' started by Bigg, May 25, 2018.

  1. Bigg

    Bigg Avatar

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    As the discription under the Store for Gold Crowns states:
    Maximum durability can only be recovered through the use of one of the rare and powerful Gold Crowns of the Obsidians.

    Having just burned through two for giggles on a pole arm with a max durability of 90, and only reaching a new durability of 81. I'm curious is the description out dated on the store or is this a bug that needs to be reported? Tried doing a couple searches with different ways to word it but couldn't find if anyone else had stumbled across this.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  2. Alley Oop

    Alley Oop Bug Brigade – Bug Hunter

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    how many times have you done it on that weapon? if you expand the box, one of the stats is number of major repairs. the first one will do full durability. each after does less.

    Player Instructions
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  3. Bigg

    Bigg Avatar

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    well it was 8 but after two repairs with the gold coto's it's put me at 10. Although the first 8 repairs with Coto's restored the entire durability. but thank you for assisting with the player instruction =D i was only going off what it had said on the store page for gold coto's. Lesson learned.
    they should add the clip you posted in there too, so it's more known that you need to sink more Gold Coto's into an item with future repairs, I guess?
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  4. Kara Brae

    Kara Brae Avatar

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    @Bigg This experience must have been very frustrating to you. I don't know if it makes sense to quote whole sections of the Player Instructions in the add-on store, but in this particular case I agree with you that the description of the COTOs as a repair mechanism should have included mention of the declining effectiveness with each additional repair. At least there should be a link to the Player Instructions, where it says:

    ...Placing any Gold Crown on the crafting table with an item and hitting Repair will restore an amount of maximum durability and the highest possible current durability to the item. The amount of maximum durability restored is initially high, but each additional repair will reduced the amount restored. The first repair restores 100%, the second restores 66%, the third 50%, then 40%, then 33%, and so on. By the twentieth repair, only 10 points will be restored to the item’s maximum durability. The Gold Crown is consumed by the repair process. This requires no repair skill to perform.

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