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I cannot kill a thing (except rabbits?)

Discussion in 'Release 36 Dev+ Feedback Forum' started by Net, Nov 15, 2016.

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  1. Net

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    Yeah I know, I should have power levelled higher. My magic trees are incomplete so my attunement is not very high, msot my skills are level 40-60.

    I was never doing 100+ damage, but I was able to kill most things before running out of focus...

    Today I fought soem Obsidian Golems and few other things... Fire magic still does 0 damage. my air and death magic does 2 (two), TWO damage says 10-23. My discharge (10-27 damage) crits for as much as 4 (four) FOUR....

    Seriously, those NPC archers hit me hard, I caannot really outheal them let alone fight back, even golems do me 16+ daamge, and I do like 2 dps???? SERIOUSLY?

    If this change is meant so those GM+++ people cannot do ludicrous amounts of damage it completly failed because I now do ludicrous damage. Ludicrously low.
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  2. Roycestein Kaelstrom

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    The new resistance attribute play some factor here. The obsidian golem is pretty much immune to all spells at this point
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  3. majoria70

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    United States
    Yes it will be tougher in some ways. Our resistances will matter more. We have been spoiled in a lot of ways. I don't think GM will help in everyway with the new changes. A person could be GM, which of course is another story, why are they even able to GM yet is crazy, but I think we are going to have to 'use' the system and all the resources like food,buffs, hopefully sleep to be more calm and comfortable mentally ;), and strategize what we do. I am truly hoping this is the plan, but at least we have the opportunity to figure it all out.

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