Include custom label and type support in vendor mails

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    This issue came up when importing data to Uploading a labeled product results in bad listings. In addition, it is not able to tell the difference between any kind of casks based on the contents. Big difference between 25yr, 7yr, 2yr and empty spirit casks for example. The root of the problem is the required data is not available to be parsed.

    Currently, vendors return mail with "only" the custom item label on it. It does not reference the original item nor what type it was. For example, the following email should have included that it was Wine Cask [Red Wine], not just the label.

    Perhaps Item#1 should have following value in the below example, which can be parsed.
    Item #1: Item Sold ("Oasis Brewery Wine Cask" Wine Cask[Perennial Red Wine]) x1

    Unmodified Mail for Reference:
    - MAIL -
    Received: 6/2/2021 3:33 PM (local time)
    Discarded: 6/2/2021 5:48 PM (local time)
    Sender: Vendor (Noreach)
    Subject: Item Sold (Oasis Brewery Wine Cask)
    Item #1: Item Sold (Oasis Brewery Wine Cask) x1

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