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Introduction to Polearms

Discussion in 'New Player Welcome' started by Cryodacry, Mar 12, 2018.

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    I am Cryodacry Sarbator. I am probably the highest level polearm on the server. I am making this guide as a means for helping players to understand the weight factors into what makes polearm good and why.

    Polearm 101

    Polearm has a couple major weaknesses in combat. The first is that Polearm suffers from the lowest critical hit chance in the game. The second weakness is the fact that Polearm also has the lowest base damage in the game. These weaknesses are offset by extremely high multipliers on the critical hits for polearm. This paired with the ability to ignore armor makes Polearm perform about average against PVM ( Player vs Monster ). Now the ability for polearm to ignore armor also makes it the king at fighting NPC’s with very high armor. These would include Mechanical NPC’s and Dragons. In addition polearm cannot be blocked by Shields.

    Review of Skills.

    I. Push 1.2m | Moderate Focus | 2 Targets | Gains large damage gains from Specialization
    a. Push is an expensive skill with the ability to push entities away from you.
    b. Recommended Train to skill 80

    II. Pull 1.2m | Moderate Focus | 2 Targets | Gains Large damage gains from Specialization
    a. Pull is a bread and Butter skill for polearm. This is a primary skill for PVE
    b. Recommended train to 85

    III. Puncture 1.2m | Moderate Focus | 2 Targets | Gains Bleed Damage from Specialization
    a. Puncture is the best ability for polearm. This is a Primary skill for PVP and PVE
    b. Recommended train to 100

    IV. Spinning Attack 1.2m | Very High Focus | 6 targets | Gains Bleed Damage from Specialization
    a. This is probably the best Melee ability in the game for AOE
    b. Recommended train to 100

    V. Leg Sweep 1.2m | Low Focus | 1 Target | No Specialization at this time
    a. This is a great skill for pvp and bosses.
    b. Recommended train to 100

    VI. Skewer 1.2m | High Focus | 1 Target | Gains large damage from Specialization
    a. This ability is complicated. It is the hardest hitting skill for polearm but also costs an immense amount of focus. A 6 stack hit from this ability leaves a 1 min debuff on any target. This is a great skill for PVP and an nice Debuff for Bosses
    b. Recommended train to 110

    Review of Innates

    I. Polearm Skill 1.2m
    a. This is your #1 damage boasting skill in the polearm tree. This skill should be where 50 % of your xp goes. Currently mine is at 140

    II. Reach 4.8m
    a. Reach is a handy skill as with 80 skill level you can gain 25 % more reach. The reach of this skill is a bit under powered so I do not recommend leveling this skill above 80

    III. Defensive Position 4.8m
    a. This passive is fairly worthless as DR is fairly undervalued in the game. This skill is worth taking up to 80 for the bonus DR.

    IV. Bec Du Falcon 4.8m
    a. This is your #3 damage boasting skill. This skill should be trailing your Polearm skill by roughly 30 points

    V. Polearm Specialization 24m
    a. This skill gives a large damage increase to some of the very important skills in the Polearm tree. This skill should trail your Polearm skill by 40 points.

    Supporting Skills for Polearm

    I. Armor Weak Points 4.8m
    a. This skill should trail your Polearm Skill by 20 pts

    II. Train Dextarity 12m
    a. This skill should trail your polearm skill by roughly 50pts

    III. Train Strength 12m
    a. This skill should trail your Polearm skill by roughly 40pts

    IV. Innner Calm
    a. This reduces the focus costs of your glyphs. This skill should be 30 pts behind your Polearm.

    Deck Building

    Deck building for polearm is actually fairly simple. First the Deck works best as a hybrid deck. This means you have 9 locked glyphs and 1 unlocked glyph where you have all of your attacks filter in. This will get you started with a deck that you can improve on latter.

    #1 Put as many punctures as you have in the deck.

    #2 Put as many Pulls as you have into the deck.

    This should leave you with either 4 or 2 glyphs required to fill the deck. This is where I recommend putting in 1 parry, A deflect if your using a shield, Offhand Attacks if your duel wielding. And finally if you’re using a 2h I fill the last glyphs with leg sweep.

    What is a good Polearm?

    There are not many people that make good polearms for people in the game. 90 % of the polearms that are out on the market are strait junk. With that understanding The +number has no bearing on how good a polearm is. Masterworks are the most important part of the Polearm. It is entirely possible to not even have enchants on the polearm and still be a great stick. The masterworks you are currently looking for are as follows. Puncture>Pull>Wepon Damage %>Wepon Crit>STR. Everything else on the stick is just junk.

    Types of Armor to go with Polearm.

    Currently both types of armor for polearm are perfectly viable. Light armor with Light armor specialization gives a great boast to the damage output of polearm. Heavy Armor gives a vastly superior amount of protection while giving a generous damage increase from the strength gained. Overall Both armor types are about equal for polearm. Using a shield with polearm is extremely viable also. Again this is not favored by either armor type.

    Leveling Strategy for Polearm.

    When leveling as a polearm. Your first priority is to get your tree unlocked. After that I would recommend leaving pull at 40 and puncture at 60. This will make both of the skills efficient in use due to low focus costs. These skills can raise as you feel comfortable with their focus consumption. Just be aware that the DPS gains vs the focus costs increases are nominal. 50 % of your experience should be going into your polearm skill and 30 % should be going into your polearm specialization. Once you achieved 120 polearm and with the appropriate level of skills trailing 120. I would start assessing your focus costs of skills and finalizing their location. The recommended levels are where I determined to settle my skills. After that all DPS increases come from your Polearm skill and the trailing skills.

    Last but not Least. Defensive Stance is probably the most important skill while leveling. Polearms damage does not come from Auto attacks. The bulk of your damage comes from Glyphed attacks and of those puncture is your heavy hitter.
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  2. St Drahcir

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    Awesome write up! Great info and details. Too bad I'm not polearm.
  3. Daxxe Diggler

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    Virtue Oasis - Hidden Vale
    Excellent mini-guide! How about if you take it a few steps further and expand upon your recommendations for:

    1. Devotional buffs
    2. Food / Potions

    Also, since DEX helps with crit, I would add that stat after STR as a good masterwork for a polearm. Basically, if I was MW a polearm and DEX came up with INT and "whatever else isn't on your list"... I wouldn't feel too bad selecting the DEX as a choice. Obviously your other choices would be preferred but I wouldn't say DEX is junk as it could make it a better stick. ;)
  4. Nick

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    @Cryodacry , any issues if I put the info a book and have it placed in a visible location for new players? This should generate some interest for new players passing by Soryn Fields. :p

    Or why not you have it in a book and get @Vyrin or @Womby to sell it at their bookstore. :D
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  5. Womby

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    South Australia
    @Cryodacry We would be happy to either sell your books or put them on display for people to read free of charge. The latter option is a free service that we provide to the community. We have stores in Central Brittany, Aerie, Ardoris, Soryn Field and the New Britannia Market. Contact Vyrin or Womby.
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  6. Cryodacry

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    Go for it, This is free knowledge to everyone