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[Known] Valhold Palace - ?ESSEN? in the conversation with Grannus

Discussion in 'Quests, Conversations, & NPC's' started by Mischievous Dragon, May 6, 2018.

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  1. Daenerys Targaryen

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    5/6/2018 7:06 PM
    Title: Valhold Palace - ?ESSEN? in the conversation with Grannus
    Reproduction Rate: 1/1
    Blocker? no
    I went to meet Grannus the first time and I talked to him.
    Essen showed up as '?ESSEN?' while talking to Grannus.

    From chat log:

    [5/6/2018 7:03:25 PM] Location of Throne Room marked on compass and map.
    [5/6/2018 7:03:34 PM] Location of Throne marked on compass and map.
    [5/6/2018 7:03:40 PM] You have been given a description of Mara.
    [5/6/2018 7:03:40 PM] You have been given a description of Essen.
    [5/6/2018 7:03:40 PM] Essen: Please remain upstanding for the high King of Norgard, Grannus, the Titan of Courage.
    [5/6/2018 7:03:40 PM] Grannus: Thank you, Chamberlain Essen. You, avatar. I... I recognize you. I know you.
    [5/6/2018 7:03:40 PM] Mara: (to Grannus) Please, father, do not strain yourself so.
    [5/6/2018 7:03:50 PM] Grannus: (to Mara) It is all right, dear.
    [5/6/2018 7:03:50 PM] Grannus: (to you) You have journeyed far to come here. I trust you are not wasting the time of the lord of the realm and the King of all Norgard, Grannus. Why have you come here? You have an amulet of one of my guard-captains? Answer! Now!
    [5/6/2018 7:03:50 PM]
    [5/6/2018 7:04:05 PM] Elene Sali: yes
    [5/6/2018 7:04:05 PM] Grannus: (to you) Answer me! What brings you here at this time of trouble!
    [5/6/2018 7:04:05 PM]
    [5/6/2018 7:04:12 PM] Elene Sali: kobolts
    [5/6/2018 7:04:12 PM] Grannus: (to you) Answer me! What brings you here at this time of trouble!
    [5/6/2018 7:04:12 PM]
    [5/6/2018 7:04:15 PM] Elene Sali: amulet
    [5/6/2018 7:04:15 PM] Grannus: (to you) Give it to me, now! I command thee!
    [5/6/2018 7:04:15 PM]
    [5/6/2018 7:04:24 PM] You gave an item (Brigid's Amulet of Testimony) to Grannus
    [5/6/2018 7:04:24 PM] You received an item (Open Amulet of Testimony) from Grannus
    [5/6/2018 7:04:24 PM] Grannus: (to you) So, if I remember, you activate these like so...
    [5/6/2018 7:04:24 PM]
    [5/6/2018 7:04:31 PM] Elene Sali: activate
    [5/6/2018 7:04:31 PM] Brigid: (to Grannus) My last testament is for you, Grannus. It is to reach you, you BESOTTEN OLD FOOL. Clear the fog from your eyes and look around you. Your palace is in RUINS. Your city is DESTROYED! Our city, our land, our beautiful Norgard, it is all almost LOST!
    [5/6/2018 7:04:31 PM] Mara: (to Grannus) Father, this isn't necessary. Please do not subject yourself to this!
    [5/6/2018 7:04:47 PM] Brigid: (to Grannus) You who thought me unworthy to defend your crown and your realm, I judge you and I find you wanting! If you truly know what courage is, then GET UP OFF YOUR DAMNABLE THRONE AND SAVE YOUR PEOPLE!
    [5/6/2018 7:04:47 PM] Grannus: (to you) I...
    [5/6/2018 7:04:47 PM] Mara: (to Grannus) Father, PLEASE! She is a traitor to the realm! Stop this, I beg thee!
    [5/6/2018 7:04:53 PM] Brigid: (to Grannus) This is my last testimony, because I can no longer serve as a Knight of Norgard. You, Grannus, you will either have the courage to cut out the rot at our core - or you will become it. The choice is yours. Alone.
    [5/6/2018 7:04:53 PM] Brigid: (to Grannus) I care not any longer. I will give mine amulet to this wanderer and then travel south, and find my fate, whatever it may be. I am through crying every night for those I sent to die while you slept with your eyes open.
    [5/6/2018 7:05:18 PM] Mara: (to you) Please, leave him. Hasn't he suffered enough? I would speak to you, if you must intervene in the affairs of this realm. Please, let my father rest.
    [5/6/2018 7:05:18 PM] ?ESSEN?: (to you) Avatar, I would speak with thee as well, if thy has but a moment. It is of some import.
    [5/6/2018 7:05:18 PM] Grannus: (to you) I... I am so tired.
    [5/6/2018 7:05:18 PM] Brigid: (to Grannus) Goodbye, Grannus.
    [5/6/2018 7:05:38 PM] Grannus: (to you) So.... so tired...
    [5/6/2018 7:05:38 PM] I wrote of this in my journal.
    [5/6/2018 7:05:38 PM] I wrote of Mara's request in my journal.
    [5/6/2018 7:05:38 PM] I wrote of Chamberlain Essen's request as well.
    [5/6/2018 7:05:38 PM]
    [5/6/2018 7:05:48 PM] Elene Sali: Goodbye
    [5/6/2018 7:05:49 PM] Grannus: (to you) As we all must.
    [5/6/2018 7:05:49 PM]

    Steps to Reproduce:
    1) Go to meet Grannus the first time and talk about things with him

    User Specs:
    OS: Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (6.1.7601) 64bit
    CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3770 CPU @ 3.40GHz (8) System RAM: 12239
    GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GT 730 GPU RAM: 4025
    Area: Novia_R10_Valhold_Palace/Step1
    Area Display Name: Valhold Palace
    Loc: (211.7, 32.7, 232.8)
    Debug: Tm92aWFfUjEwX1ZhbGhvbGRfUGFsYWNlfFN0ZXAxfCgyMTEuNjg0LCAzMi42OTcsIDIzMi44NDkpfCgwLCAwLjc4LCAwLCAwLjYyNil8LTI2OS41NjEyfDkuNTQzNzEzfDIuMjA5OTcz

    Screenshot #1:
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    Would be cool if the camera could look at whoever's talking (when the dialogue zoom option is "on") too.
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