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Lich at serpent's spine mines

Discussion in 'Combat, Skills, & Magic' started by Araminis Darkblade, May 24, 2018.

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    1. Title:Lich at serpent's spine mines
    2. Reproduction Rate:100%
    3. Blocker?Yes if you want to kill the lich
    4. Details:the Lich bugs into platform everytime you try and fight it, has for days now, the archer/mage lichs are fine but the one named just Lich bugs everytime
    5. Steps to Reproduce:go to Lich location and attack it, it bugs into platform
    6. User Specs:
    7. *AMD FX-8350 Black Edition Vishera 8-Core 4.0 GHz (4.2 GHz Turbo)
      *ASRock ASRock Fatal1ty Gaming Fatal1ty 990FX Killer AM3+/AM3 AMD 990FX
      *MSI Radeon R9 390X DirectX 12 GAMING 8G
      *XFX ProSeries 1250W PSU
      *WD Black 3TB Hard Disk Drive
      *HyperX Savage 2.5" 240GB (SSD)
      *G.SKILL TridentX Ram 32GB
      *DEEPCOOL Gamer Storm CAPTAIN 120 CPU Liquid Cooler
      *Razer BlackWidow Stealth Edition Expert Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
      *Razer Orb Weaver Mechanical game pad
      *Razer Naga Chroma
      *Razer Kraken pro headset
      *Afterglow 360 controller
      *Logitech Extreme 3D pro joystick
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.