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Discussion in 'New Player Welcome' started by Wickedly, Aug 18, 2019.

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    I am new to this game, have played a few. Looking for a guild ...It was suggested I say a little bit about myself. I have a wicked sense of humor, which isn't for everyone. I am also politically incorrect. I love to have fun, and joke around, but I am very tolerant of others, I just find it funny how easy everyone gets so offended. I am looking for an adult guild that likes to hang out and do ****, or a chat while I am lost somewhere.

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    Welcome to New Britannia!

    The best way to join a guild is to get out in the world and meet people. You'll know you found the right one if you're having fun.

    One of the little issues people sometmes encounter when joining a guild via the forums is about time. Small, tight-knit guilds are the best, but not if everyone is in the wrong time zone. My guild, for example, is comprised of people from the UK to HK - and some North Americans who tend to play in the mornings. It's great when we're all online and adventuring together.

    Good luck in your quest.

    ~ Jason Moryn
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    United States
    Welcome @Wickedly to the game. Perhaps if you let us know a bit more about what you like it would help. Like do you like to pvp, role play, craft, adventure, etc and what time zone and time do you usually play, and do you have language needs? Well for example.

    There are quite a few guilds in this game. Some thing for everyone. As mentioned perhaps check out a few by going on a hunt to see how you get on with them. The guild I've done the most things with is OOC (order of chivalry). They always seem to keep a lot of active players. I have a friend in that guild, but there are many other guilds too who may speak up.

    When I return from my trip on 9/22 send me a hello or let me know if I can help anytime. I'm Majoria in game.

    My in-game home is Wizards Rest located behind owlshead in hidden Vale. I have a bulletin board with game tips and books around town too trying to provide important information regarding many things like how to use the Oracle, how to send mail, crafting bonuses, etc. Visit anytime.

    There are friendly players in town and all vacant lots are claimable. Not trying to advertise the town really but mostly trying to advise about the help tips if you need or want some.

    Best wishes to you for many fun adventures.
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    Welcome to Novia, Wickedly!

    Like Majoria said, it would be nice to know what you are looking for, and what you are to suggest you the right guild, as there are some guilds that will not fit with you at all out there! Another great way is, like Jason said, to join groups, get chatty ingame (if you have the universal orb you can use /U to chat in the universal chat, or use Alt+F to use the group finder), and when you find a group of people you like, ask them to join your guild!

    As for my introduction, I am Violette, Officer of the Gardiens du Lys guild, owners of the Island Chateau du Lys, just off the shore south of Kingsport in Hidden Vale. We are a group primarily focused around PvE grouping, and town decorating. We have a nice number of active members with a lot of variety in playstyles! If any of this interests you, hit up myself (same forum name as ingame), Dax Legend, Zurthock, Duke Dariuss, Terrence Philips, or Bjorn Dyonisys, and we will gladly give you a tour and show you around see if you enjoy it!

    Hope you find the right match for you!
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    @Wickedly If you are on discord I can send you and invite to the guild channel House Serenite of Grundvald.
    Most of us are wickedly crazy. :cool:
    Also, in game the guild leader is Mac.
    Send him or me a message in game and he will send you and invite.
    My ingame name is Lesni.