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My little impressions

Discussion in 'Release 10 Feedback' started by Svahn, Sep 29, 2014.

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  1. Svahn

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    Greetings travelers.
    Here are my reflections on this latest release.

    Good stuff:
    *I feel the look of the game is improving which is nice.

    *The new hair styles and effects were indeed appreciated.

    *Improvements in character customization - much appreciated, keep it up!
    Soon we can customize the chest part too, hehe, b**bsies.
    What - I did not write that!
    Seriously though - if we can get puffy cheeks we should be able to get puffy stomachs too.
    Not every avatar is well trained..

    *The new overworld map was a big step in the right direction, but at first I did wonder where my miniature avatar was..

    *The starter decks - the sword and magic locked ones - they were a really good default setup, well done!

    *Pvp spectator - nice stuff, I like the idea. No one was fighting there when I went there though.
    We should be able to buy tomatoes and throw them at the contestants anonymously.

    Not so good stuff:
    *When wearing a hat, like the quest reward hat, where does all of my hair go, surely it can't all vanish?

    *Movement in the new overworld map - I don't like to be forced to WASD in it - let me mouse click move please.

    *Npc chat system. Doing the hat quest this release, at at least two interactions/clickings with the tour guides, I found myself not going anywhere when holding down the W key. Hmm. Reason was that I was in chat mode, which I had forgotten. Escape Escape and on I went.
    It's not a good solution to "chat" with npcs like you chat with players.
    Please change the conversation system, perhaps to more like Dragon Age, or at least move the npc chat to it's very own window.
    My wife shares my feelings on this subject, wohoo, how about that :)

    *Latency / Server performance. In my household we have two computers with SotA on them, and a fast Internet-connection.
    When a player on one computer lands after a "standing still jump", on the other computer that same player starts the jump.
    Also if both players are running in a row the "other" player is always slower.
    Say that I on my computer starts the running session a bit behind the "other" player, after a very little while I will be in the lead on my computer but on the "others" computer I am still behind.
    I hope we will see improvements here.
    Sure there will always be some latency, but it's quite perceptible now.
    I am sure the devs knows this and hopefully it's easily fixable.
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    Yeah this explains a lot of my issues with combat:)
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