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Discussion in 'Wishlist Requests' started by Bayard Knock, Jun 17, 2019.

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    A small keep
    Instead of flooding this forum with requests, I'm just gonna post them all here and update it occasionally.



    - Solar weapon skill, similar to ignite weapon. Increased damage against undead.
    - Sun burst skill, AoE centered around caster and damages outward.
    - Sun Elemental (Perhaps a Quetzcoatl like being?)
    - Summonable phoenix gains the ability to have a chance to revive itself, depending on your Sun Specialization level.
    - Summonable phoenix deals Sun damage, which is increased against Undead.
    - Summonable phoenix gains a chance to inflict a Sun DoT.

    - Monster "charm" skill, similar to Animal Charm.
    - Lunar Barrage skill, channeled attack.
    - Option to make a pact with a "moon" entity, giving various buffs and debuffs.
    - Moon Elemental or Star Spawn summon.
    - Possible mind control spells?

    - "Dracomancy" subtree for specialists
    - Summonable Fire Bear
    - AoE Ignite Weapon
    - Heat Shield like skill
    - Fire Elemental gains the ability to use Ring of Fire and Fireball

    - "Earthen" weapon skill, similar to Ignite Weapon. Adds some piercing damage based on user's strength.
    - Summonable Earth Corpion
    - Targetable AoE Earth Skill
    - "Stoneskin" skill
    - Earth Elemental will occasionally root target and has higher aggro generation than normal.

    - Higher damage Water AoE
    - Passive that increases spell power near water sources
    - Summonable Ice Spider
    - "Icy" weapon skill, similar to Ignite Weapon, inflicts slow on hit
    - Ice Elemental gains the ability to use Ice Field and slows on any hit.

    - "Storm" AoE
    - Air Weapon, may knockback on hit
    - Summonable Wind Boar
    - Channeled Lightning attack
    - Air Elemental gains the ability to use Gust and Chain Lightning.

    - Channeled AoE Healing skill
    - Summonable Fairy
    - Premptive healing skill
    - Single Target Banish Undead
    - Regenerating Aura skill

    - "Death" Weapon skill, drains small percentage of life on hi t.
    - Animate Dead skill, revives up to ( x ) nearby corpses to fight temporarily
    - Command Undead skill for specialists, able to have a permanent Undead pet roaming with you (similar to tame creature, but will vanish upon longing out). Can be used on summoned undead. Can only have 1 of these active, cannot have any other pet or summon active.
    - Summon/Animate Skeleton/Zombie Dragon/Drake/Wyvern/Wyrm
    - "Empty the Crypts" skill for specialists, summoning 1+( x ) temporary zombies (max 4) depending on how many corpses are in the area.
    - Summonable Lich Mage, Skeleton Archer, Lich Archer, and Skeleton Mender
    - More skills exploiting corpses
    - Option to become Undead without needing any equipment, with appropriate bonuses and penalties.
    - Recycling Parts passive, reducing the cast time and reagant consumption chance of summoning an undead.
    - Undead Vassal passive, Increases death spell effectiveness and in combat FP regeneration while undead pet is active.

    - Summonable Imp
    - Volatile AoE damage skill
    - More damage and debuff skills in general
    - "Power of the Master" skill, may empower active summon, or slay it outright. Only half as effective on non-Chaos Summons
    - Disrupt Summon skill for specialists, may turn target summon hostile to owner...or your own.....
    - Call Daemon Dragon skill for specialists, may summon a powerful daemonic dragon to your side or drain a large portion of health....or both....
    - Option to complete a quest to become "Daemonkin" with appropriate bonuses and penalties.
    - "Chaotic" weapon skill. Inflicts random debuff or buff on enemy.

    - Tameable aquatic pets
    - Tameable Amphibians
    - Tameable serpents, big cats, exotic creatures
    - Option for specialists to grow their young dragons to a stunted adult dragon.
    - "Berserk Creature" skill (Basically Berserk but for your pet).
    - "Lick Wounds" skill, which lowers your pet's damage temporarily so it can regenerate health
    - "Animal Snare" skill for specialists (Basically a root that only affects animals)
    - Tame Greater Creature and Summon Greater Creature for specialists. Allows for the taming and summoning of creatures only accessible through specialization to bring back the feeling of accomplishment when you tame a powerful animal, rather then just taming it, and seeing someone run by you and buy it from some vendor.
    - Specialist only tameable animals, ones that require levels in the Taming Specialization for you to Tame and Summon.
    - "Mark Target" skill that makes tamed pet deal more damage to marked target.
    - One with Nature passive skill that reduces the aggro range of nearby animals (unless you attack them).
    - Stable feature for specialists, so they can "store" any animals they have tamed or pick up their favorites whenever and wherever they so choose out of combat.

    Focus Tree:
    - Passives that increase the potency of wands, staves, and arcane focuses.
    - Specialization gives a small universal multiplier to all summons, but is overriden by any summon's own specialization.
    - "Arcane" damage skills.
    - Summon Familiar skill.

    Order Tree (Mentioned by Atos during a stream):
    - "Battle Aura" skills, focusing on buffing nearby friendlies
    - "Command" skills, focusing on giving heavy buffs for a short duration.
    - Summon Angel skill
    - Conjure Spiritual weapon skill

    - More artifacts that buff specific pet damage
    - Artifact that buffs all nonundead summons
    - More useful artifacts
    - Quest to forge your own artifact (repeat quest just edits it).

    Will update more later.
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    A small keep
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    Any ideas for Subterfuge?

    Detect trap using some visability Aoe would be cool. If its passive people will just spam it up the gameplay would be lame.

    Some cool ideas!
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