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Discussion in 'New Player Experience Feedback' started by Akro, Jul 2, 2016.

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    I am a returning player from months. I am a bit ashamed to make this thread after the well written one from BDF. But i wanted to point out some topics that i think are important (some repeated from other players):

    What i liked:
    • Absence of the annoying squares with tips.
    • Beautiful initial scene.
    • The informative and short sentences that appear in front of you to guide your way.
    • The (almost) seamless way on which you are introduced to the world, specially appearing like a ghost in front of Arabella and the mirror interactivity.
    • New character bodies.
    • Polished (no yet perfect) running animations.
    • The description of he avatars from Edvard.

    What i didn't like but can be enhanced:
    • The new "sentences in front of you" system put on the spotlight the horrendous "IRC like" chat window to interact with everything. Why should i deviate my eyes from such a beautiful world to a so ugly/odd placed square? Maybe only important dialog (with interactions) should use a different square: One without tabs, centered, that put on relieve that there is something important to hear/interact. At the same time the adventure bar could be hidden. Chit chat dialog could remain above the NPC head and in the IRC square.
    • The mouse interface is confusing at least. When i find a letter i double click to read it but then i want to press the "x" button to close it and the camera moves. Why? then i pressed ESC to close the letter. I thought there should be a more natural way to get the cursor move without moving the camera. So i begun to press random keys, until i found that TAB was what i needed. Wouldn't make more sense for a new player to assign space bar such a a vital matter (interact with, well, everything)? Jumping is alright but can be easily be remapped to a more functional key like C, V or B.
    • When the screen goes to white after double click the mirror appears the typical scene loading screen. The screen should white (even if it is a different scene) and immediately appear in the new character creation interface, ideally with the same music and similar ambient sounds. I don't know if that is technically possible.
    • That you cant interact with the oracle. Wouldn't be better to keep the temple of the oracle with their all seeing eyes on a floating asteroid on the space in such manner that you inevitable see it but understand that you cant reach it?.
    • Regarding character creation (i guess this will be addressed):
      • Please explore the possibility of adding a Muscular-Skinny slider. Asking for a fatty slider i guess would be too technologically difficult, but is desirable too.
      • Please add variety on hair styles.
      • Please change art style for facial hair, make it solid with hair resembling textures. If you try to make it hair by hair, it must result perfect to no screw the effect. At this moment doesn't look good per se and doesn't match with the hairstyle art.
      • Please add different eyebrows separated from hairstyles, as solid blocks. Should reatain hairstyle color selected.
      • Please add options to modify eyebrows: Tilt, width, height (thickness).
      • Please add body marks: tattoos, scars, etc.
    • The letter from the comrade of Charlotte Gray┬┤s father. Why would he care to write on battle times about him on a personal way? Wouldn't make more sense to find a fast battle report directed to a superior that included the information of the deserter?.
    • Edvard looking like a merchant but defeating undead monsters like a boss.
    • Take the bow! I took it but on my bar appeared sword skills. Maybe i didn't put much attention and took the sword first (i equipped later to use the skills offered). Thinking about it i don't remember to had read a guide sentence about this matter. Would it be different depending of the first weapon i take/equip?.
    • Edvard taking care of Charlotte Grey, instantaneously making her disappear (first he said to me that the boat was for the two of us). Maybe was bug?. I would like her to accompany me longer (can i really trust on Edvard?).
    Well that is it. My overall impression is VERY positive about the direction of the game. Thank you for your hard work Portalarium.

    PD: Sorry if some words are misspelled/used, my native language is Spanish.
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    Thank,s for the feedback!

    - We're going to redo the conversation interface but not for R32.
    - The Oracle will be present in Isle of Storms for R32 and will be who gives you the test to determine your initial path. (She's also different now....)
    - For R32 Edvard is less punchtastic and you'll have to do more of the work in Solace Bridge.
    - It's much clearer that Charlotte stays with Edvard when you leave. Charlotte is a temporary companion that cannot leave the scene with you.
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