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Non-crafted and non-artifact items are enchantable.

Discussion in 'Crafting, Harvesting, Salvage, & Agriculture' started by Despothes2, May 7, 2018.

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    I put in a bug report about lich helms not being enchantable and the response was that they should not be because they are neither crafted nor artifacts. I'd like to submit a bug for every other dropped item and NPC bought item that isn't an artifact or player crafted being enchantable. This includes every item purchased from NPC combat merchants, armor merchants, and weapon merchants, as well as probably every dropped item in the game except for the lich helm. Items that I know are enchantable are torc'dawl weapons, and just about every dropped weapon or piece of armor. Things like iron morning star, elven estoc, vile falchion, guisarme, etc. I can get a more comprehensive list if necessary, but it pretty much encompasses everything but the lich helm.

    Steps to reproduce: Get an item as a drop, or buy it from an NPC merchant, and enchant it.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.