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Novia looking like a golf course ?

Discussion in 'Release 53 Feedback Forum' started by Echondas, Apr 27, 2018.

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  1. Echondas

    Echondas Bug Brigade – Bug Hunter

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    Has anyone else noticed / disliking the smooth golf course like look of everything, with the little blades of grass drawing in as you get closer?? I'm guessing those are the new terrain shaders in the last release or so?

    Perhaps this is unavoidable for performance on lower end systems - but maybe we could get a slider in the Video options, to increase the draw distance maximum?
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  2. Alley Oop

    Alley Oop Bug Brigade – Bug Hunter

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    agreed. not liking the glare off it either: point yourself toward the sun and dip the camera down and it's more white than green.
  3. Jefe

    Jefe Avatar

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    I thought you were going to suggest adding craftable holes to make gustball golf courses.
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