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OFFLINE MODE: Companions - how to benefit earlier and more ...

Discussion in 'Release 59 QA Feedback' started by Paladin Michael, Oct 20, 2018.

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  1. Paladin Michael

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    Perennial Coast
    It's really great to get in touch with the companions. This gives another funny gameplay :)

    It would be very helpful for new Outlanders, if they would receive exact information to search them after arriving in a Companions town
    UNTIL we have visited them:
    1.1 Arabella should tell us to ask them for help on our path when talking to her in Soltown, Aerie and Resolute.
    1.2 Also the town Crier (only in the Companion towns) could tell us, we should see them soon, they're always helpful on a Virtue Path!

    2. Every Companion should tell us (without asking them) about their special Armor, and how to receive it
    2.1 Ariel in Aerie immediately after she joined us
    2.2 Dupre in Resolute immediately after he joined us
    2.3 Fiona at that moment, when we are near/in Desolis!

    May be they could also give helpful information while in combat.
    For example:
    Ariel: She could shout 'Your health is very low! Stay back and heal!'
    Fiona: 'Archers in your back! Turn around!'
    Dupre: 'You seem encumbered (soon). You have to drop some items!'
  2. Violet Ronso

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    Wow these Ideas are great! The companion interaction would be great this way!
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