Please add Bull Shark as a smaller and easier to catch shark for cooking :D

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    So, as a chef and fisherman, I have a really hard time with the sharks in the game. I've heard tale of people who have been playing for years and never caught one, and in the past six months that I have been fishing my way up the leaderboard I have only caught 2.

    I don't really want to detract from the accomplishments of fellow fishers by making Tiger Sharks easier to catch, but under the current system, I can't ever see myself butchering the next one I catch. As one of the game's Iron Chefs, this drives me nuts as I am compelled to butcher and make food of every animal in the game. Therefore, I propose that instead of making Tiger Sharks easier to catch, perhaps adding a smaller & pan-water shark, a Bull Shark, that exists in fresh, salt and fetid water. This would also solve the current problem of having no hanging-trophy fish from fresh or fetid water (though I really hope more get added down the line).

    • Because of its ability to regulate salinity levels within its body, it is known to go much farther up river mouths than other sharks. It is said by some that for a shark to spend a day in freshwater is like a human spending a day in space without a suit, however, these problems are bypassed by the Bull Shark. It is known to travel as far into the Amazon as the city of Manaus, and as far up the Mississippi as Illinois, and hundreds of mils up the Breede River in South Africa.
    • Bull Sharks could cap out at 3.5 "ambiguous units" or roughly 400 barley corns if we are using the cubit measure ;) - as opposed to the 5 "ambiguous units" Tiger Sharks would be capping out around (600 barley corns)

    This way fellow master chef-fishers can butcher a one of their tiger sharks before mounting others, and make a practice of butchering all the bull sharks they catch after mounting the first. Not saying this should be as common as like ammonites. but maybe as common as like a Marlin or Bluefin Tuna?

    Thanks for considering!