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    Greetings Avatars,

    Back in August we stated in a forum post about priorities that there were a couple of pledge rewards from the original Kickstarter that no longer made sense, so we were going to retire them.

    When we started the Kickstarter, we were still designing the game and many systems were in flux so it was not always clear what the viability would be of some rewards years later. Now that the game is near completion, some rewards do need to be retired. It is worth noting that we have added at least 5-10 items per pledge since the Kickstarter, not to mention the tons of new features and content we have also added to the game.

    With that said we understand that those new items and new content were not specifically noted as replacements for these retired items so we will be creating new rewards to replace the retired items.

    Retired Items + Replacements:
    • 2 Week Skill Head Start: This would have serious balance implications and would only discourage players who did not have access to it.
      • REPLACEMENT: Replenishing Box of Training Accelerator Potions: These new Obsidian potions temporarily increase how fast your skills use experience out of your pool to advance the skill. This box of 12 potions replenishes annually.
    • Pick Last Name Early: This simply does not work at all with our current naming system.
      • REPLACEMENT: Character Name Change Request Vouchers (2) & Ornate Runic Letter Set: Backers will receive two name change request vouchers and one set of Ornate Runic Letter Decorations.
    • Map Atlas: With the acquisition and implementation of the in-game map system (formerly known as SotAMap) this reward no longer makes any sense because maps will no longer be in-game objects. The existing object that is a container that looks like an atlas and the few maps we made will still remain but they will be collector items.
      • REPLACEMENT: New Britannia Globe Decoration: This home decoration shows the known world of Novia and Hidden Vale. In the Great Cataclysm we lost touch with the other continents and explorers have not yet given enough information to globemakers to fill in those areas accurately.
    Thank you everyone so much for the incredible support you've shown us these past four years with your constant testing, your feedback, and of course your financial backing. That is what makes this all possible. I also want to thank all of you for your incredible patience with this entire process that is full of changes and uncertainties.
Thread Status:
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