PvP Areas: Functional guards / guarded areas, two variants

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    Veritas Sanctuary
    depends on: Areal Steward - Setting up an area

    for both variants:
    - A list who is allowed to attack (eg. names of citizens) and a KoS list is maintained at the main border stone.
    - An attacker is considered whoever does the first damage
    - If this was a mistake the attacked one can leave the gravestone alone or give up ransom
    - When players use 'duell mode' guards are not involved
    - The function of the placed guard is mostly to visualize that the area is somehow guarded

    Areas described in 'Areal Steward' may set to guarded and a guard npc must placed within the area. This makes most sense in PvP enabled towns.

    In a guarded area when someone attacks another player the guard teleports to the attacker and insta-kill the attacker. Without asking. The attacker leaves a gravestone behind with respect to the no-ransom setting. The one who gets attacked will gain the loot rights for the grave stone for a short time, after that the grave stone is loot able by every one. The price of the oracle will work like the attacker was killed by another player.

    Areas with Guard Totems and a placed guard NPC within the area. Area is not set to guarded. This makes sense in the case PvP should be possible but one wants to keep away some intruders.

    When someone attack someone in such areas, guards are may spawned and attack the attacker. The level of the guards depends on the level of the totem (like it is with the lich, elven, troll, ... totem). This guards do not insta-kill the attacker, but try to kill the attacker first. This guards will also give loot upon death. When the player dies a gravestone is left behind with the looting right set as if the attacked one has killed the attacker. Also someone can use the command /!guards in such areas to get guards spawned. The surviving guards will linger around for some time. 'May spawned' means there is a chance that guards are spawning (may 33%) and it may need some time (may up to 5 seconds). Yelling guards will increase the chance and shorten the time guards are spawning. (/! means yell)

    Guard totems use the same recipe as all other totems. Guard essence is found by looting guards. Mostly found in NPC towns and sieges (open mode). This may lower the one or other virtue. NPC towns may a bad idea in the case someone has set the guards to variant 1. The guards in towns are only attack able and only drop guard essence when the player is flagged PvP. Also the stealing skill may used to get guard essence from guards.
    The guard totem is placed on a special pedestal (town item). This pedestal is a crafted item.
    As this is a PvP area the totem can also be stolen by another player (Skill 100+). This will stop guards from spawning.
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