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Discussion in 'PvP Gameplay' started by Soryu, May 25, 2018.

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    As PvE player i think there is one thing Portalarium oversees.

    The constant nagging, nudging and poking from the game to "give pvp a chance" is one of the things that keeps me from commiting to Sota full and probably will be one of the reasosns I will stop playing sooner or later.

    I played EvE until it became to expensive for my taste, so I know booth sides of the fence.

    For PvP to be balanced you need to make it not worth the trouble for players to grief/constantly sneak attack or employ other tactics one could consider "honorless"

    Switching pvp/pve all the time, the game mechanic that allows full plate wearers to sneak and one shot toons even close to there level and so on makes it too easy.

    In EvE ganking mining crafts had its dangers (one famous where an player tried to gank an miner who turned out to use an Q ship.

    In Sota ganking has way to little risks involved for the attacker.

    There is no high risk of retribution because one can switch quick back to PvE and tracking players is very hard to do, in EvE gaining notority meant that at some point the ganker has problems leaving dock without running into a barrage of shells, over and over.

    So in other words, Sota enocurages griefing (one of the reasons I am strictly pve in such games as Sota and get highly annoyed by the constant nagging to "give it a try", i will not because it is pointless)

    It is an twofold problem, Sotas game mechanics do not make it risky to gank and encourages it by protecting the one doing the ganking by quick PvE flagging, it is made for trolls.
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    You guys need to get your terms right. Griefing is killing the same person over and over ie following them around repeatedly ruining their gameplay experience by making them unable to play normally. Griefing is generally considered a form of cyberbully but most games have a way to avoid it by safe zones unflagging from PvP ect.

    Killing someone that can't fight back due to low health, engaged with a monster, low level, AFK... That's not griefing that's ganking and a strategic way to kill some one with little risk toward your self. Call it cowardice, but your in a PvP zone or you had a flag on so your consent was already given. Not all fights will be fair. If you want a 100 percent fair fight do a /duel. Attacking when your opponent is weak is as old as sun tzu and the art of war.

    Getting pvped is not griefing. PvP happens in PvP zones. Well not in this game maybe due to low PvP pop but maybe someday :)
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