PvP Skill Stealing: remove the justiciar

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    depends on: functional guards

    In many towns / adventure scene items marked as steal able. Currently when you pick them up the justiciar appears and press gold from you. And that nearly at every item.

    When PvP flagged and in open mode, allow to use the Pick Pocket skill on items and containers. Stealing may fail and each new attempt will increase the chance to get caught. Being hidden while stealing give a bonus not to get caught.
    Each failed attempt will add a 'get caught chance' to the stack. When the 'get caught chance' is above 50% the player can not hide anymore. Each failed attempt wears off after some time. Like every other debuff.
    The guards may not kill a thief, may they kill the thief. Whatever they do they will take ransom and do not give up the ransom. The player can chose to give up the items or pay the gold. Using the price of the oracle.
    Body parts, mostly the hand, from the players character may found at the local care-keeper NPC or added to the loot table, so other players get them as loot. This should help that names of thieves spread out through New Britannia.
    In the case the guard kill the thief, the 'get caught chance' is reset. The base 'get caught chance' depends on Pick Pocket skill as also the fail chance. Hiding reduce the 'get caught chance' by half the Camouflage skill or 1/3 of the Vanish skill.

    The get caught chance should raise slowly but have long timers. The 'get caught chance' should have an debuff icon. It should be possible to steal enough items before the 'get caught chance' is too high.
    May items carry a steal level on their own and being compared with the pick pocket skill. (May a totem at high level also demands a high level of pick pocketing)
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