Report All Exploits Via Player Services Email

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    If you come across a clear in-game exploit (or someone taking direct advantage of such an exploit), please email with a concise overview of what you are seeing. Please include date, time, and location coordinates by typing "/loc" in chat and pasting the result from your clipboard. Provide screenshots of the entire window if they will help clarify the issue.

    We will receive your email correspondence, so please do not reply back inquiring on the status of the exploit resolution, unless you have further information or we ask for details.

    Please do NOT post the exploit publicly or contact us in the forums via a PM. We cannot always respond to these fast enough, so we encourage you to submit a report to Player Services via the email above.

    Normal bugs and other issues can continue to be reported in the appropriate Release Feedback/Bug thread:

    Thanks for your lookout here!
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Thread Status:
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