River/lake/swamp navigation?

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    So, we know ocean sailing is planned for E2.

    But what about sailing small boats down rivers, or into swamp waters? The way this would have worked in the Ultima games is that you would sail the seas in a frigate, and then if there were no dock, you'd exit in a skiff, or else risk damage to your ship. You'd then sail your skiff (or a raft) up places like rivers and lakes. A strong part of what made Ultima "Ultima" is the feel of adventure and travel. The map you got with the game looked like one of those medieval maps with some places marked "Here be dragons," and you were dropped in the world and let to explore. Whether that meant by land, through ship sailing, by air balloon, mountain climbing, or finding routes into the underworld.

    At any rate, there are many places in SotA this would make sense. There's a big lake SW of Brittany. Taking a log ride all the way down the River Fortus is appealing. It could even be a way to find hidden locations, otherwise not accessible on the map. And with SotA, there's also the possibility of rowing boats through swamp waters. Or moving ships (or skiffs) into hidden coves and grottoes.
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