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Shroud's Status, Criticism, Healthy Debate, & the Future

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by DarkStarr, Jul 25, 2018.

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  1. Boris Mondragon

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    Docking at your port soon
    Well it’s time for the pirate to add his two cents.

    First, the positives. You guys have done an incredible job with the limited funding and manpower assigned to this project. Much respect for having the cojones to come out here and tell it like you see it. As a military retired man still working for DOD I can tell you that in my world being brutally honest is a necessity or people die. I will always try to be as subtle as possible and am surprised to not have been banned at this point. Keep doing what you are doing to better the game we love as the pirate is here to stay.

    Now that I got all the niceties out the way here is what I think: I am still heated about not one mention of moving ships to this point after it was at the top of your EP2 priorities. You, LB and Chris could have at least said something instead of avoiding it to this date. It’s cool though as one day it may happen and if it does you will find a fleet of pirate ships blowing up your fancy castles “Grins”. On a serious note you could gave given us “Captain” titles and cut our City/Town water Lot taxes as a token of good gesture.

    So in closing, keep the hard work up but be more transparent with your blue collar players who earned everything they have in this game with hard work. If you answer this post great, if you mod it cool. It’s the way a lot of us pirate ship owners feel. R/Boris/El Pirata
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