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Specialization Skill Ideas

Discussion in 'Release 53 Feedback Forum' started by thesometimeslurker, May 21, 2018.

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    Hi everyone. This will be a list detailing how I think specialization skill might look (and it may help give the devs some ideas). I've tried to capture the overall theme of each combat tree for the specialization skill, so here we go!

    Combat Trees:

    Blades: Duelist Stance (requires Specialization 10)

    Enter a combat stance that lasts for ( x ) seconds. While in this stance, your parry chance is increased by ( x ), and your attack speed increases by ( x ), however your damage is reduced by ( x ). The penalty to damage and the buffs gained by this decrease/increase as you level the Specialization.

    Polearm: Pike Rush (requires Specialization 10)

    Charges towards your target, inflicting ( x ) damage to any other enemies in your path with a chance to knock them down. Your main target takes ( x ) damage and has a very high chance of knockdown and/or knockback. This skill has a cast time, in which you are charging during that time, and can be interrupted. The damage, the chance for knockback, and the distance you travel increase as you level the Specialization.

    Bludgeon: Launch (requires Specialization level 10)

    Lean back, and uppercut your opponent with you bludgeoning weapon, dealing ( x ) damage and knocking them back ( x ) away. The target takes impact damage based on how far they land. However, during the maneuver, and for ( x ) seconds after, you take increased damage equal to ( x ) as you recover from your swing. Damage and knockback increase, while the penalties decrease as you level the Specialization.

    Ranged: Arcane Shot (requires Specialization 10)

    Imbues your next arrow with magical power, increasing its damage by ( x )%. This arrow also has a chance of inflicting an effect based on what type of skill you have used prior to this skill. Any skill from the combat trees will imbue the arrow with a chance to interrupt the target. Any skill from the magic trees will imbue the arrow with an AoE effect, dealing reduced primary damaged, but inflicting the same amount of damage on other enemies within ( x ) m. Any skill from the strategy trees will mark the target, increasing your overall damage by ( x ) on them for ( x ) seconds. This skill can only be used once every 30 seconds. The buffs given increase as you level the Specialization.

    Light Armor: Combat Roll (requires Specialization 10)

    Dodge roll in the next direction you move, gaining ( x )% Damage Avoidance and increasing your movement speed by ( x )%, but reducing your damage by ( x )%. Increasing your Specialization level will increase the buffs and decrease the penalty.

    Heavy Armor: Steady Advance (requires Specialization 10)

    Taunt your opponent (PVE only) and increase your Damage Resistance by ( x )% and your CC resistance by ( x )%, but reduces your movement speed by ( x )%. Requires at least 3 pieces of Heavy Armor equipped to activate. Leveling the Specialization increases the buffs you gain.

    Shield: Hunker Down (requires Specialization 10)

    Root yourself in place, but gain ( x )% Damage Avoidance and Damage Resistance during this time to attacks coming from the front during the cast time. During the cast time, you cannot attack, this ability can be interrupted by CC or enough damage coming from the sides or back, but you may cancel the ability at anytime by pressing the movement key. Increasing your Specialization level increases the duration and buffs gained.

    Magic Trees:

    Earth: Aftershock (requires Specialization 10)

    Can only be cast right after you use an Earth skill. Automatically recasts the Earth skill again for no cost and no cast time, but only for half of the effects and duration, but this may increased basedo n the caster's Strength. Increasing the Specialization level will slowly lower the Cooldown of this skill and slowly raise the effects and duration above half.

    Life: Restoring Touch (requires Specialization 10)

    Targets an ally within melee range after cast time. Cleanse ( x ) debuffs/CC's from the target and heal them by ( x ) for each condition cleansed and an additional ( x ) over ( x ) seconds. Increases the number of debuffs/CCs cleansed, and the amount of healing they reserve based on your Specialization level.

    Water: Tidal Surge (requires Specialization 10)

    Target enemies in a cone in front of you, sending a cascading wave down on them, inflicting ( x ) damage, slowing them by ( x ), and have a chance to knock them back. The intensity and power decrease the further the wave travels from you. Casting this spell while ( x ) m near a source of water or snow/ice increases the power by ( x )%. Leveling the Specialization increases the damage, slow, and the distance you can be from water/snow/ice to empower the spell.

    Moon: Lunar Array (requires Specialization 10)

    Forms 3 orbiting projectiles made of moonlight around you. Every time you auto attack or cast a skill with ( x ) m of your target, one of them will be fired at your current target, inflicting ( x ) damage with an ( x ) chance to mesmerize. There is a 5 second delay between each shot. While this skill is active, your Sun attunement is reduced by ( x )% and you cannot use stealth abilities. Increasing your Specialization level will increase the damage and mesmerize chance, as well as the penalty to your Sun Attunement.

    Sun: Solar Weapon (requires Specialization 10)

    Imbues your weapon with the power of the sun, adding ( x ) Sun damage to your weapon. Additionally, while this is active, you have an ( x )% chance to Blind opponents within melee range, reducing their Damage Avoidance and Dexterity by ( x ). The imbued weapon will also strike 2 additional enemies, and deals increased damage to undead targets. However, your Moon attunement will decrease by ( x )% while this is active. Increasing your Specialization level will increase the benefits of the skill while also increasing your penalty to your Moon attunement.

    Air: Lightning Surge (requires Specialization 10)

    Targeted AoE that increases your and all allies that within range's movement speed by ( x )%, and their Air attunement by ( x ), but decreases their Damage Resistance by ( x )%. Leveling the Specialization will increase the benefits and the duration, but also increase the penalty to Damaage Resistance.

    Death: Decaying Touch (requires Specialization 10)

    Targets an enemy within melee range, dealing ( x ) Death damage every ( x ) seconds. Targets that are slain by this effect will raise an uncontrolled Tier 1 Zombie at their location. This Zombie benefits from your Undead Mastery and Mummified Undead passive, but will wander and attack everything except the caster (and their party). This Zombie lasts ( x ) seconds due to health decay. The duration is increased by your Mummified Undead passive. Certain types of creatures will not spawn a Zombie. The Tier of the Zombie will increase at certain points as you level your Specialization (max: Tier 4), as well as the skill and the Zombie's damage (and the skill's duration).

    Fire: Flame Pillar (requires Specialization 10)

    Targeted ability that causes a plume of fire to erupt at that location, dealing ( x ) initial Fire damage and ( x ) Fire damage every ( x ) seconds for the duration to any enemy in it's radius. Additionally, any Fire skill that hits a target within the radius has it's power increased by ( x )%, but it also increases their resistance to Water damage and effects by ( x )% as well while within the radius. Increasing the Specialization level will also increase the damage, duration, increased power, and Water attunement effects.

    Chaos: Possession (requires Specialization 10)

    Forces unseen entities of Chaos to enter the caster's body and gain/inflict random effects. This ability lasts for ( x ) minutes, and will inflict random debuffs/buffs to all enemies within ( x ) m of the caster, while also doing the same to the caster. Regardless of effects, this ability will increase the caster's weapon and Chaos spell power by a small ( x )%. The effects inflicted on enemies include the following: Stun, Mesmerize, Slow, Fire DoT that deals ( x ) damage over ( x ) seconds, Damage Resistance debuff, Strength increase, Dexterity increase, Intelligence increase, Damage Avoidance increase, Damage increase, and Movement speed increase. Effects inflicted on the caster are as follows: Increase/Decrease random opposing attunements by ( x ), Increased Spell Damage, Increased Weapon damage, Increased Damage Resistance, Increased Critical chance, Decreased Damage Avoidance, Focus Damage, Decreased Weapon Damage, Root, Slow, Decreased power of non Chaos skills. The intensity, duration, and range of each effect is affected by the Specialization level, which will increase all, including the negative, effects generated by the ability, but it will also slowly decrease the chance you will gain a negative effect, and an opponent a positive one.. The ability will inflict 2 random effects on you every ( x ) seconds, and inflict an effect on any enemy within range every ( x ) seconds. The same effect will not be inflicted again the same target again, going on CD for that enemy for ( x ) seconds.

    Strategy Trees

    Tactics: Rally Point (requires Specialization 10)

    For the duration, you grant allies within range ( x ) damage resistance and increase their healing received by ( x )%. However, your movment is slowed by ( x )% and you do not gain the effects yourself. Increasing the level of the Specialization increases the benefits.

    Focus: Echoes of Magic (requires Specialization 10)

    While in combat, and your FP pool decreases past ( x )% of it's normal amount, you gain an ( x ) FP regeneration buff until you pass ( x )% of your original FP pool. Increasing the level of your Specialization will raise the points in which you gain the regen effect, as well as the amount of FP regenerated.

    Subterfuge: Exploit Weakness (requires Specialization 10)

    While actively participating in combat against a target, you inflict a stack of Weak Point every ( x ) seconds (max: 5 stacks). Each stack increases your damage against that target by ( x )%. Each stack lasts ( x ) seconds, and cannot be inflicted on another target while a previous one still suffers from it. Increasing your Specialization level will decrease the time between inflicting a stack, as well as increasing your damage.

    Taming: Ferocious Beast (requires Specialization 10)

    While within ( x ) m of your tamed creature, your pet will attempt to distract an enemy that is currently attacking you, forcing them to attack it for ( x ) seconds instead. This ability also increase your pet's Damage Resistance by ( x )% for ( x ) seconds when it activates. This passive has a 10 second CD per enemy. Increasing your Specialization level will increase the benefits gained, the distraction success chance, and duration.

    What do you guys think? What kinds of Specialization skills would you like to see?
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