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Starting Skills build 379

Discussion in 'Release 32 Dev+' started by Mandalar, Jul 23, 2016.

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  1. Mandalar

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    a quote from the R-32 release notes draft: " Starting Skills: We reworked the starting skills to better reflect our current skill trees (these were woefully out of date) and start characters out with a more balanced set of skills. "

    Upon investigation I have found the following:

    Love path starts with 241 adventuring points.

    Courage path starts with 222 adventuring points.

    Truth path starts with 177 adventuring points.

    I agree the skills each path starts with are more aligned to their respective paths. However; there is still a disparity between total starting skill points in the adventuring skill sets.
    I would like to make a suggestion:
    each path should start with the same number of skill points (lets say for discussion, 200 adventuring points) then divide those 200 pts into respective starting skills similar to what we have now.

    Although, I don't feel what we have now is a game breaker. I feel the Truth path, starts with a significant disadvantage as it has 20% less starting skills than the Love path.
  2. DarkStarr

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    Love Path is the only path we are polishing right now. None of the other paths are getting any real attention as noted in the release notes but thank you for the feedback.

    Tagging @Chris so he can see this too in case he also wants to weigh in as he does these builds.
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