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The Grand Bazaar (Universal Vendor Search)

Discussion in 'Wishlist Requests' started by Kabalyero Kidd, Feb 22, 2020.

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  1. majoria70

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    It depends on how global search would be implemented. If it just states where vendors are located that have the item then players can choose where to go to look for an item. I'm not sure how that destroys a game but imo it lets all vendors be heard and known of in Sota so they can all be viable then that is fair imo. Player choices and options are important.

    Also if we add creative tools so we can all make interesting vendor items to add to our vendors such as bags of items to sell. Such as sets of items like set of living room furniture, set of clothing, set of armor, set of songs like the 4 song parts I have for Somebody to Love to sync in a group.

    Anyway again I see searching all vendors globally as important for the game and as mentioned the search doesn't have to give all details just location of vendors that have the wanted item.

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  2. AzazelReborn

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    The Grand Bazaar is a great idea as a new or relatively new player to the game, that fact of running town, to town. Vendor to vendor puts you off the game. The vast amount of loading screen in order to buy one item is despicable, no one should ever have to go through that process. People, it's 2020 and we are nearing a new year. This game needs to move with the time, it is not immersive at all.

    The global search is much needed in this game. We should not cater for just the few people that do not want this feature, we need to cater for everyone and many more people come to this game.

    Many have good point about stack sizes and UI changes, yes it needs to happen. If we all petition to the development team to work on this (We don't want low hanging fruit version.), we want them to spend has long as they need to work and get this right. We want them to put this on the QA server for everyone to use and test.

    We need them to commit to working on this, we can wait, we have waited over 5 years already and we all are willing to wait a bit more for them to get it right. This is all about quality of life too, there is no real reason for shopping to be painful.

    Let's make SOTA Great people!
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