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    To go along with all of our fireworks items, I'd like to propose a new emote, /throwfireworks.

    This would cause one of these effects (random):
    • Throw a firecracker on the ground, which bounces a random direction and then pops with a burst of color (random; red, blue, yellow, green, white)
    • Throw a ground bloom flower, which spins on the ground cycling through three colors (random; red, blue, yellow, green, white) before popping into a burst of color.
    • Throw a smoke ball that emits a cloud of colorful smoke (random; red, blue, yellow, green, white) that dissipates.
    Those are the few firework types that don't exist, and really don't correspond well to a usable item.

    Maybe this could be part of the New Year's, or even the next @Lord British birthday, livestream rewards.
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