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    I clicked "like" for the posts above where I agreed with the top 3 and disagreed with very little else

    not necessarily for EP1 and the items that I didn't see (or missed) above

    1) In-game player-created content capabilities (more than just submitting artwork, I'm talking dynamic player created quests)
    2) Easy to co-op and have fun with one or more (new to the game) friends at reasonable level differentials
    3) Facial options to make characters look older (and much older)
    4) Everything has weight including any built-in currencies (doesn't have to be burdensome/realistic weight, just something to make the rich have to manage their wealth a bit)
    5) Scaled random encounters or at least make it where I'm not pulled into them many levels below my party's strength
    6) The option to PVP with an alias name (random, chosen, I don't care)
    7) Tank love in PVP (i.e. if a Tank taunts an enemy, the enemy deals less damage for a while to anyone other than that tank, etc.)
    8) Jousting Tourneys
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    The United Kingdom
    Yes, a tempting forum topic that deserves a response. Not an easy task though. I see all these lists - products of people's enthusiasm (and expectation). I especially like young Birko's...

    Lots of interesting things in these lists like mounts, spells, crafting, PVP, Justice system - but what is truly essential, a "Must have"?? That is a strong phrase, and I think there are much fewer of these. I think it is most important to get the basics right. Here are 5:

    2) A good and compelling Story
    The reason why "Ultima" games have been so good in the past. A clever premise. Interesting characters. A few unexpected plot twists...

    3) A believable world where you can have a sense of belonging
    Where you are not just a faceless number but a member of a community where you can set up a home/base of operations and really feel part of everything.

    4) Enjoyable multi-stage quests
    Where you piece together logical clues and are involved in a number of different activities to achieve the goal.

    5) Enjoyable combat
    There it is! It is true that in some games this is not important - take Ultima 8 which is about following the story, exploring the strange island, piecing together the clues and learning magic systems. Combat was just bashing beasts repeatedly over the head and you could run past 90% of them anyway - got to laugh at Spoony's review!

    It appears though that combat is important to SOTA, and we will be spending a lot of time engaged in it. A pity then that at present it is the game's Achilles Heel. I think combat either has to be fast, fluid and intuitive OR clever considered and tactical. Let' hope it is sorted out...

    3 Games

    Time is precious. I have to be choosy about what I spend my time on, and in 2015 there are wonderful things out there. Let's consider three current big guns that SOTA will be up against:

    Guild Wars 2
    Arenanet re-think and re-invent a lot of standard MMO systems. The dynamic events and living story create a world where things are happening all the time. Whether it is group or single PVE or structured PVP or WVW for me this game delivers massively in all departments. And there is a fat expansion over the horizon...

    Elder Scrolls Online
    Following a big bunch of multi gigabyte updates, all creases have been ironed out of this game - and what an enjoyable leviathan of a game it is. A huge amount of typical high quality Elder Scrolls questing in a giant world. Now without monthly subscription charges - get in there!
    It also gets combat right - the basic block/attack/dodge mechanics backed up with skills that drain stamina/magicka pools - no spamming skills in this game!

    And here is the lesson. Along comes humble Neverwinter. Lots of lighthearted, colourful gameplay in the Forgotten Realms. It can't compare with the previous two but it gets the most important thing right...

    The Most Important thing of All
    The observant will have noticed my list above began with no. 2. I have not gone mad, or been at the rum, but instead prefer to leave the most important and essential thing 'till last.

    In the words of young Birko, SOTA must have "Joyness. Funimity factor."
    Absolutely right Sir!

    1) Fun to play

    Because, after all, if it ain't fun to play we aren't going to play it!
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    1. Rideable Mounts
    2. Taming (I miss my UO Nightmare and White Wrym)
    3. Walking Zone to Zone to Zone (I'm not adverse to the Overhead map, but an option to walk the distance between zones without having to go OH)
    4. Fishing (I like a fully thought out Fishing experience, similar to UO)
    5. Mail (Sometimes I really need to leave messages for friends or to post them an item I may have crafted)
    6. GM supported events (Game Master supported events - Dropping in random attacks on towns to spice things up)
    7. Quick Zoning to friends (If I only have an hour to play, I'd like to get to them quickly. Possibly a summons spell similar to WoW )
    8. Boating (Let those Leviathans move!)
    9. PVP Stats (It would be nice to see how many kills a player has amassed so I know who to hunt ;-)
    10. IDOC's (I want your loot! If you've been out of game for months, I will be watching! You have time to put your goods into the bank, whatever is left when your plot pops should be free for all Mwuahahahahaahah!)
    11. Contracts (Players can write contracts for PKillers that update with the kill of that player and they can collect the reward from local Guard Tower)
    12. PoT Law (Ability for PoT Owners to mark players as Red to Guards that patrol their towns)

    Here are 12 things I would like to see in our game, of course I could write all day but this will suffice ;-)

    Thank you for reading,

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    Dragomir Mori
    "Must have" sounds like an ultimatum and I don't have any of those. But I know it was not meant that way. I really don't have strong feelings about anything in particular, but I will try...

    1. Fishing
    2. A friendly community with as few trolls as possible.
    3. Daily activities that make you feel like the avatar is progressing in some way.
    4. Make your own music.
    5. Places to explore.
    6. Challenging content, not necessarily hard, but hard enough that not everyone will take it for granted.
    7. Great guild tools.
    8. Support for large gatherings.
    9. Organized PVP war games, not the create a PVP zone with resources and call it a day.
    10. Mini games & Seasonal content
    11. Fun combat
    12. Fewer perks and limited items to reduce entitlement issues. Alternatively, more perks and items which can only be earned in game of equal or nicer value.

    Games that help form my ideas (good and bad): lot bigger list than this...
    1. WoW (things to do overload)
    2. Tera (good combat)
    3. Vocaloid (inspiring way to make digital music)
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    1. Mounts
    2. The ability to tame combat creatures
    3. Walking Zone to Zone (as Woftam stated)
    4. More Puzzles based Dungeons (doesn't have to be directly link could be expanded hidden areas)
    5. The ability to engage in PVP activity on the Overworld Map
    6. Traps (actual ones that surprise you the spikes don't count lol)
    7. Skills to find and disable traps
    8. Creatures that make you want to run and hide in a corner and cry till they leave (just a few not dungeons full)
    9. Guild wars (I know its coming :p)
    10. Scaled Encounters (as Hraw stated)
    11. Enchantment (Not World of Warcraftw "*OOOOOOO PLING* done" crap something to bring enchanting alive)
    12. EDIT: A Skyrim kind of skill tree :p no other way of putting it

    Mortal Online (PVP, Player Punishment)
    Eve Online (PVP, Player Punishment, Player run economy)
    World of Warcraft (Dungeon System and Character)
    Dungeons & Dragons (Dungeons & Traps)
    Skyrim (Skill Tree)
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    1. Evolving story semi-interactive to game play
    2. Optional playmode- Single, friends only, and open.
    3. Great Ambient, Animal and Nature sounds, this adds a special extra dimension to games.
    4. Puzzles
    5. PvP system, always optional and Very Well thought out.
    6. Housing, Tenants, Room&Board, allowing for confidence in the system.
    7. No raiding grind required.
    8. Crafting, tailored for a game where the community will be dependent on crafters for gear.
    9. None combat activities -Treasure hunting, fishing, sailing, farming, ...
    10.Community, welcoming to new players.

    Saga of Rhyzom- Charm, Complexity, flora and fauna that felt alive.
    LoTRo- Story, and their odd PvP .. loved the humour in playing a gimped spider. :)
    UO- Crafting system, and being able to interact with almost everything in game.
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    New Britannia
    1. A compelling storyline/narrative and believable npcs.
    2. Ability to interact with world.
    3. Ability to play through some of the story with friends.
    4. Immersion. To feel like I'm going through hero's journey
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    South Australia
    1) a cinema: yes, I would like to be able to go and watch a short SotA movie in game - supporting this would spawn a huge range of engaging activities including script writing, voice acting, "filming", crafting, set decoration, sound and video editing, etc.
    2) more emotes
    3) more clothing options
    4) more decoration items
    5) public notice boards in town centres, with interesting public notices about lost cats, potential quests, upcoming events, etc.
    6) ability to open windows
    7) ability to dive underwater
    8) rain and other weather events
    9) ability to mark a location so that an icon appears on your compass showing you where it is
    10) a more powerful light source (perhaps a magic crystal that glows brightly?)
    11) the ability to place a greater variety of things on stages (e.g. currently can only place one type of table on stage)
    12) all books should be able to stand up when placed on a bookshelf (currently almost all books lie flat) Seems to have been addressed in R17.
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    Pittsburg, CA
    1- NO lottery odds mini game that are "required" to complete just to move on to the next lottery odds mini game... If I wanted to go to Vegas, I would go... This is NOT UO...
    2- Crafting system that makes sense, Bars are large 4 ore, Ingots are small 1 ore, if the recipe requires 4 ingots, why can't I use a 1 bar instead? Hides are heavy, scraps are light...
    3- Discovering recipes is good, but the knowledge should be found in Books, every crafter NPC should have a notebook that tells the information needed to discover a recipe, listing what ingredients are used for... If a player takes the notebook, it should respawn for others...
    4- Don't put in resources that have no use, don't put in recipes that have no resources...
    5- Everything needs to be Craftable AND recyclable, if you can pick it up, then it should be recyclable, Kobol hammer, the handle breaks when dis-assembling it, but the head can be re-smelted or used directly as resource replacement...
    6- Time, I need to know what time of day it is, so I can go buy something or have a Beer...
    7- Global advertising (not buying), I want to shop without having to look through every single player vendor there is (this is not UO), if the public vendor had information on every sale offered, I want to search for a "braud sword" and find the location of everyone offered, so I can go to the location and buy it (or price check it)...
    8- Put some treasure in these empty buildings, I hate fighting all the bandits, just to find their dwelling empty...
    9- Global map, I can just press a button and see where I am (I know it's planned), could require me to buy the map first for the region...
    10- Fog of War on the maps, so I can tell where I haven't been yet...

    -Coin op Pinball
    -Anything Atari (Star Raider, Pacman, Missle command, Defender, Centapede, Milapede, etc)
    -Ultima II through IX
    -Warcraft I and II
    -Civilization II through V
    -Ultima online
    -World of Warcraft
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    1) More life, even if it's only created on the client, things like bees, butterflies, more birds, bats, small mammals.
    2) Make the client side life interactive, so for instance, butterflies could be collected client side, preserved, mounted and then displayed.
    3) Once an item is mounted send it server side so it becomes apart of the MMO experience for everybody.
    4) Include common, uncommon, rare and ultra rare species in the client side life.

    Never seen or played or heard of a game that does this, I think it would be pretty cool, esp if you wanted to start a collection of butterflies for display in a museum.
    Could expand the system so that some rarer species only appear at specific times or during specific seasons.
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    South Australia

    I look forward to seeing you chase invisible butterflies across the meadow. :)
    BTW, we need a butterfly net. They'll need one to catch you. :D

    (Just kidding. Those are great ideas.)
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    They're not invisible to you, they are just in the wrong spot (from where your client puts them), so from your standpoint, he'll just have horrible aim with his net ... maybe some New Britannians drink early in the morning before we go hunting beautiful rare insects
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    United States
    Ok let's keep going guys, this is really some wonderful stuff. I applaud you all. I am almost ready to post mine. Thank you also for keeping chat to a minimum since I am saying this should be a printable list, we can discuss later;) Also you can edit your list if you think of other things to add to it. Let's get it all down in one place.;)
    Please note that more than 12 is great, come back and edit and make sure you get your points accross in a clear to the point , we don't want to miss a thing.:)
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    Pacific Northwest
    I read thru all the posts prior to this one, and by the time I was finished - pretty much all of my list had been covered by others.

    So, I'll let these be my "Must Haves":

    Ok, I'm adding one of mine here:
    The ability to actually play these instruments with music we create, ie ABC music.
    Oh HELL YES on the pools.
    That last one is for emphasis on Budner's above, so I'm not counting it in my dozenish.
    Oh - the possibilities would be endless in fun magic, Spoon. Wonderful suggestion must have!
    Another concept with great possibilities. Hmm, you got 4 of my must haves there - Spoon.... Does that mean we're bff's now or something?

    Anyway, continuing with Bowen:
    Oh yes, and the ability to tie emotes to a keystroke. (Hitting O, scrolling a list, and double clicking is neither immersive nor conducive to spontaneous roleplay...)

    And ending with Xandra7
    Oh absolutly ! Bring on the sounds (oh, and a few of them *cough*chi-chi wolves and now gaters* can be banished when you get a chance)... Just sayin.

    I think that's an even dozen - or so........

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    Wizards Rest
    1-Deep sea fishing-finding SoS's/Treasures/Deep Sea Creatures on my boat
    2-Dwarf Class Character (Ya I'm dreaming)
    3-Ability to place anything as decoration including trash loot etc (some of that is really cool on my table)
    4-Interatcivity with all items in the world (I know it's a tall order)
    5-Beautiful clothes to wear on my character (robes, cloaks that all look unique, awesome outfits)
    6-Pipes and glasses for my character (with pipe tobacco I can grow)
    7-A staff that I can use in combat on my mage that I can also use as a walking stick
    8-A viable magic build that focuses on 1-2 trees and doesn't force me to use death magic and life magic to survive
    9-Crafting events that actually hurt my character and have some funny outcomes
    10-Mini-games like Dice games ala 'Witcher' much fun to be able to earn money (or lose money) that way
    11-Flying Mounts-Dragons, Pegasus, Phoenix, Magic Carpet, BROOMSTICK!
    12-Deep ocean diving and find quests/areas/towns/treasures etc
    13-Ice Fishing
    14-Ice Skating
    15-Fishing in my PoT!!!!
    16-Life Cycles on plants just like ArcheAge does it! Very good system!
    17-Recall system just like in UO (my favorite aspect of UO!)
    18-Skill Use system-feeling like I am actually developing my character (I miss that so bad!)
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    1) Fishing. I want a lot of love and attention put into implementing fishing. Fishing tournaments, rare fish, fishing up treasure, fishing up armor, boots etc etc.
    2) Rare unique monsters and animals that roam in the wilderness with appropriately rare unique loot tables.

    I really don't give two cents about anything else.
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    United States
    Ok I know we are busy now with the release 17 coming out, but still give some thought to what you'd like to see in the game. What would make this game be fun and have longevity for you. As mentioned in the rules in the original post, please limit comments, and stick to the bullets 12 or more is great. I love your posts. I want to hear more also, so add to your posts if you think of things. I read each and every one, and I want this thread to be be visible and a document to refer to in later days when we need to know all desired game features we want to see in the game are all in one place **cheers** :)

    1)Interactivity - characters can interract with the environment, open things, sit things down or on tables etc, hug, kiss, lay on beds, make comments like *feels dizzy, ill, sleepy*ect, and the character shows effects from illness,being cursed or poisoned perhaps while testing poison,possible death, perhaps stat reduction until cured.
    2)Questing in Shrouds will have possible multiple outcomes and a quest discovery system that allows as implemented now quests from talking to NPCs
    but quests will also come from interesting and surprising places, such as messages in a bottle, clues on a dead body, cursed item found that curses, fished up,perhaps an item found in a smouldering fire perhaps a burnt piece of paper with one word on it, also they could be dug up etc.
    3)No forced grouping but still having the ability to find challenges that can be done together, for example already implemented the control points.
    4)Exploration in Shrouds is continuous, quite often everchanging,rewarding,surpising, and throughout the lands,such as many secrets to find along the way, again dead body with clues, secret doors, secret passages, treasure maps to do and to fish up etc.
    5)Having characters in Shrouds be as unique as possible, as in perhaps having the ability to hold more items than their mug; such as a fans, a bouquet of flowers,a present etc, also as above they can react to the environment physically and verbally/written comments.
    6)As many wonderful sounds as possible in a text interaction world, for example birds flying by, owls hooting, splashes and splashing sounds of water, footsteps change per terrain, great combat sounds that give a satisfying feeling, and are appropriate to the action.
    7)Players have a great amount of things to wear for all occasions as possible, and also many different things to craft. And dying the clothes gives an ability to be uniquely dressed.
    8)The systems in Shrouds will be detail oriented such as fishing can fish up mysteries, monsters, old boots etc,treasures, crafting results can surprise, perhaps injure or blow up, emotes contain many choices to express with, and the game has as many wonderful sounds as possible,more dances(perhaps slow dancing), thieving in town can be caught and have to comply to victims' request, or also begging request can be refused like duels can. Deep Treasure hunting system, as mentioned fishing up treasure maps or finding them on dead bodies. Perhaps an NPC gives you one for helping them.
    9)Not EP1 I know but perhaps have a waterway for Shrouds, such as a waterway hex that is accessed at coastal reqions. Perhaps when clicking on your boat you go into the hex and you sail all over the vaious destinations of New Britania. You also have the ability to fish from your boat. Anyway some kind of waterway system with boating and fishing at least.
    10)Bulletin Boards in some town centers with work orders there for both crafting jobs and to hire others to get resources for you. Also a bulletin board would be able to leave a note for help in the game perhaps, and also bounty hunting opportunities could be found here. Announcements of events , vendors perhaps a bard playing ,and steaming nummy food and such for sale for the town and tourists
    11)Random encounter as mentioned earlier, where perhaps we have a roving NPC who has a dilemma, perhaps a broken wheel on his cart, or he was attacked and need our assistance. Please don't make them just kill creatures, make it a story and see below to creature attacks being more interesting, right now they are boring, attack/kill/or be killed without story to them.
    12)Also please make the creatures attacks more interesting. For example they might circle around you and growl,perhaps you can throw them a piece of meat, perhaps it is poisoned meat, perhaps you can scare them away sometimes, some fear light. Please add some interest to creature attacks
    13)Ability to have a picnic, place blankets on the ground, bottle of wine, plates, silverware, food. perhaps a candle, build a fire, have a campfire to cook on, even a campsight to rest for the night, place a tent and bedroll..
    14)Atmosphere -there are so many survival games out right now and coming out. Hopefully we'll have some erie atmosphere here and there with creaky doors, banging shutters, and erie music, I love vampires but am not sure they are in the story line.
    15)If possible tiaras, elven tiaras like the Lord of the rings for men and women if possible to do with hair. Lipstick and eyeshadow if we can get it to work.
    Games: that each have features I like or have influenced me in other ways are:
    1)World of Warcraft - First pvp ever, a few beinnings of good story (like the worgen character story which got dropped, but was fascinating what there was of it), gear grind gets old
    2)Vanguard Saga of Heroes (RIP) - steep death penalties, very challenging and slow progression, wonderful deep crafting system with events that could injure the character (bandaids needed);)
    3)UO - learned to role play is fun, and a game can have longevity, leveled by USE skill to get better at it
    4)Lord of the Rings - lore and atsmosphere, deep combat system but fun and challenging when learned
    5)Archeage - having every feature in a game under the stars does not make it a good game, or make you want to stay playing it, very little ability to pve, or have role play tools,not something for every play style, loved the glider and boats, just no peace when boating or fishing
    6)Tera - character motion and combat wasn't perfect, wrist strain after a while but loved the targeting and effects and that you had to move out of the way to avoid the creatures blows, character could wear glasses and was absolutely gorgeous, very grindly
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    1. Option to flag myself as "a roleplayer" in the settings and then server gathers together all roleplayers (like it is doing with friends and people you have been in contact and traded with)
    2. Option to change camera from 3rd person to isometric and free view and then you can lock it, for example over the shoulder.
    3. Skill based system
    4. Option to change control system, WASD vs. Mouse
    5. Fully functional boats
    6. Rideable mounts
    7. Every spell should require reagents
    8. Better animations
  19. Bluefire

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    I have enjoyed reading the lists given by each of you.

    1) More unique base appearance for characters
    eg: hair styles - mage beard all the way to floor, age, more colors for skin, eye, and hair
    2) Appearance layer (including hide head armor )
    Provides another layer to the paper doll to place adornments over functional items so that we all have unique characters and not cookie cutter appearance based on chosen role. Hide helm option for those of us that don't want to cover our hair style for the armor increase. No reason to make all those hair styles just to put a leather cover on 10 minutes into the game.
    3) Skills more important than Level and rigid class
    Please do not ever move to classes based on level with skill tweaking abilities.
    4) High-end group content to collect rare items and promote teamwork
    Items that provide instant travel to bind points, reduce or eliminate focus penalties for locked cards, decorations, armor mods
    I love being a part of a team that figures out and runs instances on a semi-regular basis
    5) Reduced armor decay penalties.
    I shouldn't need to completely repair my armor twice in 16 hours of play.
    6) /Consider ability & Realistic expectations
    In the real world I can determine if I should fight or flee - in SOTA I cannot tell until it is too late.
    For missions NPCs should tell me I do not look ready to try the task they have for me but allow me to take it to my detriment. Also they should warn me once I enter a place I will have to be triumphant to leave if that applies. For immersion sake there should be a puzzle to figure out to get out of something over our ability without using log out and then back in on overland map.
    If we enter an instance over our ability our character should be concerned and likely think to us in chat that this is a bad idea. "You feel uneasy with your surroundings"
    7) Thrilled with the questing system. I want an option to completely turn off word hints, though.
    I love the U4 conversation immersion instead of "go to the guy with the shimmering light over his head"
    8) Sandbox, Sandbox, Sandbox! The only reason to stay in an MMORPG after finishing the stories, side-missions, high-end content, and after our original group moves on, is for the ability to create and share with new friends both in crafting and decoration. I believe that Sota has this.
    9) Economy: Proper gold sinks and readily available resources and fun+rewarding crafting to ensure the game does not become such that new players cannot afford basic items or decent armor unless they have 500K - 1M gold for a set. I've adventured for 17 hours and have yet to break 1K gold.
    10) Mounts/vehicles (animal drawn carts at the very least)
    The world is unfinished without them. These people could not have constructed the towns they have without the assistance of machines or animal labor. That one most important step in any Avatar's quest was getting their first horse in Paws to ride out swiftly through the overland map.
    11) Magic without reagents (as is).
    Only strong spells should need reagents. Magic isn't magic if it relies 100% on chemistry.
    12) Music that adds to the game that isn't going to just be muted. Music should only play on occasions not all game play long. Walking into a new town, being on the map, combat, and sunset/sunrise are good moments to play some of these songs. Otherwise, soon, I fear we will all have our music permanently muted.

    (old 12) Ability to see current location on map once collected Somehow I missed that this is exactly how it works already.

    Ultima I-IX
    The Realm Online
    Star Wars Galaxies (all three versions) - appearance, excellent sandbox elements, fun PVP, great high-end content, incredible community
    SWTOR (what not to do)
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    1. flowers for decorating. In vases, flowerbeds, flowering shrubs
    2. flowers to be equipped. A flower in my hair. A bouquet to be carried.
    3. mailbox system to leave messages for other players
    4. Ability to renovate a shabby home (e.g. give the walls a coat of paint)
    5. Fireplace for homes that don't have one
    6. Greater selection of casual (non combat) clothing to craft or purchase in game.
    7. More ferries to travel from one coastal location to another.
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