Trash to Treasure: Dropped Items Turn-in

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    Greetings Novians!

    Some unscrupulous fella has been flooding all of New Britannia with junk: Headdresses, Wings, Backpacks, assorted miscellany of every sort. It's time to clean this trash up and so a bounty has been placed on all gear crafted by Coswald Dirthmire that is turned in by Tuesday, May 25th.

    Players can submit items via mail (in a bag or backpack with your name on it, please) or by dropping them into the barrel at the Shoppes Pavilion in Arlia, again in a labeled bag. (Arlia's located on the Novian continent, just East of Nightshade Pass. Take the teleporter sign to the Arlia Shoppes district and head South.)

    Once you've dropped a bag in the barrel you'll still be able to add to it any time during the competition, or feel free to submit multiple bags via mail throughout the contest period. To make the bag requirement a bit easier 1,000 backpacks are being crafted and sold into the loot table.

    Backpacks will count as two items and the special R89 item, Perennial Coast Slippers crafted by Coswald Dirthmire, will each count as 5 items towards your total!

    The player that submits the most items by the deadline will receive 100,000 gold and a heartfelt thanks from the Citizens For a Cleaner Novia. A further prize of 50,000 gold will be awarded one of the participants chosen at random from the named bags submitted!
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    Linked on the events page -- thanks for the event, this is a nice use of the loot system!
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    Dara Brae
    What no Ranger armor??!?
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