Tweak to Brewed Consumables to Make Brewing Great!

Discussion in 'Crafting & Gathering' started by Astor Cerberus, Feb 13, 2019.

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    There was so much excitement around brewing when it came out, and it kicked off a buzz of activity. Then the market-savvy folks figured out a way to turn a profit without the requisite risk, and pricing (amongst other things) was corrected.

    So we're left with a system that produces a consumable, which makes your screen blurry - that's it. I agree that balance needs to be preserved and we can't upset an already fragile economy too much, so here is a suggestion on how I think brewing could be made great again.

    I submit that by creating a small food buff for each of the brewed items would stimulate agriculture, and the player economy too. As with cooking, the value should not come from selling to vendors, but other players.

    I propose that these alcohol buffs would stack separately from food buffs (because they should be weaker) but only one type of alcohol could be applied at a time. (Bonus points: drinking multiple types of alcohol could give you both positive effects but exponentially worse side effects.)

    For example:

    • Brittany Ale: +? agro generation for 1 hour, dizzy for 1 minute
    • Drach Bock Beer: -? agro generation for 1 hour, dizzy for 1 minute
    • Harvest Wheat: +? carry capacity for 1 hour, dizzy for 1 minute
    • Edelmann Beer: +? to all resistances
    • Perennial Red: +? damage avoidance for 1 hour, dizzy for 1 minute
    • Paladis White: +? damage resistance for 1 hour, dizzy for 1 minute
    • 1yr Whiskey: +1 str, dex, int for 1 hour, dizzy for 1 minute
    • 2yr Whiskey: +2 str, dex, int for 1 hour, dizzy for 1 minute
    • 7yr Whiskey: +3 str, dex, int for 1 hour, dizzy for 1 minute
    • 25yr Whiskey: +4 str, dex, int for 1 hour, dizzy for 1 minute

    These are clearly just examples, and I don't mean this post to be a discussion on why they're good examples or not, I'm sure they're not great. The intention is to show how a small boost here can create a market for the sales of alcohol that does not throw all balance out of whack but does allow for some outlet for the brewers in the game (that does not consist of NPCs), which in turn, should help stimulate the economy.

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    Fabulous idea. I think Whiskey should give some highlander berserker benefits. It may be as you describe, but damage resist combat dps rate would be a proxy for berserk..

    Love it and long overdue, should have been there from the start IMO.
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    the plan has been to make potions require an alcohol base.
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    Love the idea for more consumables. Maybe wine could give a boost to intelligence? and if a negative must be applied, i would think a reduction to damage avoidance and or a reduction to damage resistance would be appropriate.